Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mamma went nuts

Tomorrow is my birthday. Daniel and I have sort of started a tradition that on my birthday (and sadly not his) he lets me go shopping (usually all by myself) and I can buy whatever I want. This is to avoid the whole 'what do you want for your birthday' question and it just seems to be easier for us to do it this way and not worry about the whole surprise its your birthday (that happened my first married birthday and I was a little terrified)

Thus I got to go shopping today. I wasn't really going to do much I was just going to go to savers and find some furniture I wanted to fix. That was the plan. I went to savers and found some lovely necklaces that I liked and some earrings.

I LOVED them. I wanted to find a hot purse too but nothing stuck out to me. I was all done and still had an entire hour to kill until I was due home. I put my stuff in the car and then saw Burlington was right next to Savers. I figured I would step in and see if I could find some black stilettos that I have been dying to get for a year and a half now ( I do no have a single pair of black shoes and that makes Sundays crazy when it's shoe time) before we left for Guam I probably had 20 or so (maybe more I don't remember) pairs of shoes. I down sized to 5 pairs and 5 pairs of flip flops (those don't count as shoes to me) Then we left Guam and I only took 5 pairs (I had added 4 pairs while in Guam) I haven't bought any shoes since then ANY (that's a total lie I just remembered I bought two pairs of mommy slip on walk around shoes)

I went into Burlington and they were having an 85% off lots of stuff everywhere sale. I figured I would try on some shirts and see how it went. I tried on 20 PIECES OF CLOTHING! I haven't been so excited about clothes shopping in a long while. I didn't end up liking anything (don't you hate that) so I moved onto shoes and I LOVED THEM ALL! I bought 3 pairs of shoes in one go.

I feel like I went nuts. The feeling I had trying on all the clothes and shoes and being totally alone was amazing. It was like drugs or something. It kind of scared me (I have read the shopaholic series).

I came home and told Daniel (he was still asleep) and he said HAPPY BIRTHDAY and went back to sleep. I have been out of retail clothing shopping for so long and now I plan to continue to stay away from it. If you have a hard time with shopping and do it too much just have a newly walking daughter and 3 year old son with you.

Do you ever feel that way when shopping for shoes and such. I looked down the purse aisle and got giddy. What was that all about? Hence Mamma went nuts today and bought more shoes than she has all year.

P.S don't worry I only spent $25 on everything


meleofa said...

So fun! Yay for you. I love that you got giddy about the purse isle. I agree with the whole shopping with kids thing: I hate shopping right now because it is so nightmarish to go with Miaya! hahahaha. Good thing. hahahahaha. Happy birthday tomorrow! :D

MoBo said...

Pretty Things!! I can totally see where you are coming from. Shopping is super fun, and very much like the Drugs hahaha but its just when you lose control that it gets bad, and its especialy potent when you've been off it for so long HAHAH and I never count the Jandals either, mamma says I have a million shoes, but its only half! because I have about an equal amount of shoes and jandals. What a Bargain!

Malo lelei, Godan daginn, Hey Y'all!! said...

Now thats how your supposed to do it. Buy some great items and only spend $25. Thats soooo awesome. Your shoes are really cute and I love the necklaces. I need some of those. Great to hear you had such a wonderful birthday shopping day.

Chelsey said...

Happy Birthday! I love everything! I should tell Rand about this kind of birthday present!

Chelsey said...
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