Wednesday, September 24, 2008

we are lazy

We haven't blogged in awhile only because our camera is broken. It rained for about 5 days straight and today is the first sunshine. Last Saturday we went to the beach and it rained the whole time. We stayed for an hour though because the rain doesn't really affect the temperature. Eva got in the water, not all the way under because its the ocean but I took her in and Alexander is getting more brave and crazy in the water. Not much has been happening really. We were asked to speak on Sunday about the restoration. I have no idea what to talk on because the restoration isn't just one little thing.
All I have been doing today is taking care of the children and researching and preparing to file my I-751. If no one knows what that is its the change of status form for my greencard. I will have had my greencard for 2 years on december 13th and the instructions say I am to send it in not before but during the last 90 days before december 13th. I think I am there now but the process is just as crazy as the initial greencard. I have to show all kinds of proof that we are still married and not married for a greencard. The worst thing about it is that is costs $545. This is pretty depressing because I have been googling all day to see other people's process for doing the I-751 and they were all complaining because it cost $215 in 2006. I guess applying to stay in the country is like gas prices. I think the citizenship one is about $670 it will probably be $800 by the time I get there. So you have to prove you are married in good faith (whatever that means) and pay lots of money. Oh but I didn't get on here to complain I am sure it could be a lot worse. My 10 year greencard will take about a year they say. They are very behind. The head of the USCIS(immigration) said the fees are going up so the process can go faster. Hopefully it will. Anyway I was going to ask if anyone has any photos of Daniel and I together since December 13th 2006. This is all really annoying oh and if anyone who has known us since we have been married would like to fill out an affidavit saying they have known us married and think we are married out of good faith or something then let me know. I think these people are weird about their proof of a relationship. Anyway that is life right now a bit annoying and stressful. I can't stand the immigration stuff but hopefully it will be worth it in the end. (they can't stop bugging me until I get citizenship which I can technically apply for on December 13th 2009)


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Its my 24th birthday

Well it was my birthday yesterday. I think it was honestly the best birthday I have ever had! Well my birthday in Germany was pretty great but yesterday everything was just perfect. We woke up early to Andrew's call and I was glad because I told Daniel I wanted to go walking the morning of my birthday on this pretty walk over by the ocean. So we got up and Daniel told me to go buckle the kids in the car and then he surprised me with my double jogging stroller. I was so happy. I have wanted one since Eva was born and I wanted one after Alexander was born and now I am so excited. So we got to use it on the walk and it is so much easier than two strollers and it pushed along so well. Oh and no one else was on the walk that morning (its usually pretty crowded) and it was raining all night so the walk was nice and cool only 75 degrees and it didn't rain at all on the walk. Then we went home and the kids and Daniel took naps and I watched what not to wear (there was a mini marathon). Then I took a shower with no interruptions and I was able to get ready with no distractions. Then we were going to go to lunch but decided just to go to the mall (they have this great Hawaiian food booth there). But we ended up just going to Macy's (they were having their pre fall sale) and Daniel let me try on whatever I wanted and took Alexander to the ball machine for 40 minutes. I was able to try on 20 pairs of pants and shorts and found a perfect pair of jeans ( I know that is a lot of pants but all I brought to Guam was my maternity clothes and I haven't bought much since having Eva) that I liked so I got them then I found two great pairs of shoes and I got them. Daniel didn't complain the WHOLE time. It was wonderful. Then we went home and got ready for our date. Rachel came to watch the kids. So we went to dinner at the Jamaican grill and it was delicious. Tangy spicy ribs and chicken, they call it JERK. I LOVED that place. I usually hate going out to eat (because of the kids). I hated serving, every minute of it was torture so when I go out to eat all I think about it serving and how horrible it was. But we checked out the street menu then ate outside so we got to look outside. We knew what we wanted so we ordered everything at once. She brought out our drinks and then my fruit bowl and Daniel's soup and the dinner too!! ALL OF IT AT ONCE!. It was lovely. It took her like 5 minutes tops to bring it all out. So we ate and they didn't have good dessert. But WHOLLY COW what a great experience. My best dining experience to date! We were in and out in 30 minutes and the food was sooo good. I hate eating out because when I decide to go eat I am usually hungry and I don't want to wait a half an hour for my food to be made or my order to be taken but that was great.
So we made it to our movie perfectly (we were running really late). We decided to see Mama Mia and Peirce Brosnan can't sing and I even felt uncomfortable when he sang like I was embarrassed to watch. I loved the songs I knew and the movie put me in a happy mood although I will not see another singalong or musical in a long time ( I don't like movies where they keep breaking into song unless its old such as singing in the rain or the wizard of oz or Mary Poppins). Then we went to Cold stone I got pineapple sorbet and I didn't realise until we left that people go there so they can make their "own" ice cream. I didn't want much dairy so that was a dumb choice. But then we got home the kids had gone to bed just fine and I was so happy. What a great birthday I got to go clothes shopping and shoe shopping and wow it was the best birthday ever!!! Thanks Daniel you made it a wonderful day. I felt very spoiled and now back to reality. Sorry I wrote for so long.
P.S still no pictures sorry