Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A cute video of Jamison

Mario Kart at the Reeves check out little Jamison playing too

Oh and did I mention he is a full of walker now, no crawling here just walking and running and trying to jump off the stairs.

A Thanksgiving tale

This year for thanksgiving we were on our own. So I got all the Thanksgiving shopping done the Saturday before and we were ready and excited to start some fun little traditions. Tuesday came along and I needed to got get some milk or something so I loaded the two kids and then Jamison got sick in the car :( so we went home. We were a little worried because the day before he fell down 4 stairs and then caught himself but he had two big bumps on his head, so when he got sick in the car we were worried about head trauma, anyway We got home and he wasn't wobbly and his eyes were not looking strange so I put him down for a nap. Then 30 minutes later I went to check on him and he got sick again. I was pretty paranoid so he got a bath and I boiled the carseat, blankets bleached the mattress etc. Then I just waited. He seemed fine. Then at 4 am Tuesday morning Eva got sick. I was actually relieved because it mean stomach bug not head trauma for Jamsion. So I boiled all her blankets made a bed for her in our room and then she got sick on it again and had another bath and I was back to bed by 6am then I got up 15 minutes later for the kids. I was tired. Then Wednesday came and I got sick. The kids still had all their energy when they got sick and then they were fine. I was sooo sick. I still don't understand how they still had energy. Then Thanksgiving day came. I was still sick until about 4 then I was still stick but made thanksgiving dinner and put some not sweats kind of clothes on.
We ate the dinner (well I ate some potatoes and yams)
Then Alexander didn't want to eat any and Daniel and I both told him he had to. "Keep eating Keep eating just finish your corn or something." Then he goes to the bathroom and gets sick!! (we felt really bad for making him eat, we thought he was doing the regular I don't want to eat anything act) I am still not better at this point but I clean it all up and boil everything (in the washer of course) then he is all better! Except he doesn't want to eat for 24 hours (like the rest of us) The Daniel gets sick for 2 days. Then he gets better but gets a really bad cold! He still has the cold and its getting worse so he might need to go to the doctor to get some meds. Last time he was this bad it was bronchitis. BLERG.

So Thanksgiving was Thanksgiving. We really tried our best. At least no one was here with us getting sick too like years past (sorry guys) This is just not our holiday I guess. Maybe next year (I say that every year)

We played ALOT of wii mario kart on all those sick days. We also drank a lot of cocoa.
and Jamison got into a lot of mischief, everything is just so fun to him.
yes that is toilet paper that is still attached to the roll. He has an obsession with TP all week long. The best part was that no one really ate Thanksgiving dinner because of all the sickness so we had left overs for days!

I hope all your Thanksgivings were WAY better than ours. Now onto Christmas!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

brushing teeth

This little guy loves to brush his teeth! Here's the proof

He loves doing everything his siblings do. He makes me happy.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Us Lately

I obviously haven't created many blog posts lately. I blame it on the really busy not accomplishing much part of mother hood (or at least it feels that way sometimes). Just the everyday wear and tare. I also lost the camera chip for a week. Then Eva found it somewhere. We are great over here. Enjoying the lovely turning of the whether.

Breaking news. Jamison can walk now. I would say he is 50/50 with the walking and crawling. I will have to take a video of him. He sticks his arms in the
air above his head when he does it. He gets into much mischief but I still love him lots. He also likes to head butt the TV which is weird and not good for the tv (he gave me a bloody nose the other day with a head butt!).

That brings me to my new project. This project is taking FOREVER because I don't even have the piece. I need a 6-9 drawer dresser that is exactly 5 feet long. and not too tall. This will become my new tv stand but its just not jumping into my lap. So the project won't be completed for awhile but the head butting of the tv is driving me bonkers so we will have to find a new solution QUICKLY.

I am getting ready for christmas and it makes me so happy. I need
to get some christmas decor up! I am also extremely exited for thanksgiving, mostly black friday but yeah its going to be fun. Just me alone at the stores this year. We will see what I come home with. We are also having a ham this year. I have never made a turkey and Daniel and I don't really like Turkey so making one doesn't make sense. I am excited to watch the parade and miracle on 34th street. Its going to be fun. I am also going to make a thankful tree and things that will make the kids know what thanksgiving is about, maybe a short lesson about the pilgrims.

We are really happy and just enjoying our time together as a family. I LOVE this time of year and I love our kids. They can be be nutty but they make me happy. Here is a picture of some of the nutty:

He climbs on EVERYTHING and falls off everything too.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

adventures in grocery store shopping

I went grocery store shopping yesterday. I usually hit at least 3 stores and I have Eva and Jamison with me. One of my favorite stores is smith's because they have the carts with the little cars in front. I stick Eva and Jamison in there and buckle up and my day just got better. The last two times there they have been out of the carts. Eva gets grouchy and it makes shopping feel like cleaning the bathroom. Anyway yesterday I was trying to look at my grocery list and count my items up and such and jamison grabs my bag (the cart was too full to put my bag in it so it sat next to him) and he throws it on the ground. I pick it up and its contents while Eva complains about not being in a car and I stick the bag right back where it was (ridiculous I know). This time he grabs my phone (he loves phones, his favorite thing to do is grab mine and throw it on the ground until it falls into 3 peices and then he slides on the ground with the battery, those scratches on the battery are from him) he throws it on the ground and then I go to pick up the phone and he throws my bag down. I hurry to pick up the phone and then the bag and stuff the phone into the bag and run to the check out.

This was my phone when I pulled it out of my bag upon arriving home. I LEFT THE BACK OF THE PHONE IN THE STORE on the floor! Blarg. This is why grocery shopping with two energetic children is a last resort. At least the phone is a year old so when it breaks down for good I will have gotten some time out of it. Daniel says it could have been a lot worse and he is right. I am so glad I don't have an EVO or Iphone or this would have made me REALLY mad. Instead I am just glad I didn't leave the battery on the floor.

And that is the end of this tale.

Autumn time

The Halloween decor is gone and now its time for just plain old Autumn until winter comes.

Happy Autumn from the Reeves

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This is Halloween

So we had a fun Halloween this year. We packed our weekend with a pumpkin patch

Alexander loves these things
Eva prefered the one and only tricycle they had
Jamison got the Same old Same old
Alexander LOVED The duck races

followed by a race of pumpkin carving
and then a trunk or treat (I took NO PICTURES which is ridiculous because I didn't take any last year either) Then I wrote a rough draft for a play (I admit I dislike plays even more now oh the stress) and then we had church on Sunday which was love
ly because I was able to go to Relief Society for the first time in a year or so and it was LOVELY
to just sit there and listen. THEN it was Halloween day! I delivered cookies went to alexander's
class and then got super grouchy, then made dinner then we went trick o treating with our
neighbors the Jone's and it put me in a REALLY good mood! Its funny how visiting with friends
and trick o treating makes the day better. Anyway here are some pictures from the trick o treating
all ready to go

here they are actually at the doors

It was SO much fun. We even went to visit some friends at their houses so they could see the kids in their costumes. Halloween seemed to take forever this year but worth it in the end.