Monday, November 14, 2011

Us Lately

I obviously haven't created many blog posts lately. I blame it on the really busy not accomplishing much part of mother hood (or at least it feels that way sometimes). Just the everyday wear and tare. I also lost the camera chip for a week. Then Eva found it somewhere. We are great over here. Enjoying the lovely turning of the whether.

Breaking news. Jamison can walk now. I would say he is 50/50 with the walking and crawling. I will have to take a video of him. He sticks his arms in the
air above his head when he does it. He gets into much mischief but I still love him lots. He also likes to head butt the TV which is weird and not good for the tv (he gave me a bloody nose the other day with a head butt!).

That brings me to my new project. This project is taking FOREVER because I don't even have the piece. I need a 6-9 drawer dresser that is exactly 5 feet long. and not too tall. This will become my new tv stand but its just not jumping into my lap. So the project won't be completed for awhile but the head butting of the tv is driving me bonkers so we will have to find a new solution QUICKLY.

I am getting ready for christmas and it makes me so happy. I need
to get some christmas decor up! I am also extremely exited for thanksgiving, mostly black friday but yeah its going to be fun. Just me alone at the stores this year. We will see what I come home with. We are also having a ham this year. I have never made a turkey and Daniel and I don't really like Turkey so making one doesn't make sense. I am excited to watch the parade and miracle on 34th street. Its going to be fun. I am also going to make a thankful tree and things that will make the kids know what thanksgiving is about, maybe a short lesson about the pilgrims.

We are really happy and just enjoying our time together as a family. I LOVE this time of year and I love our kids. They can be be nutty but they make me happy. Here is a picture of some of the nutty:

He climbs on EVERYTHING and falls off everything too.


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Suzanne said...

Love the update. Ham sounds perfect. I too can't wait to get christmas decor up! SO fun. Glad you guys are doing well.