Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My favorite little dancers

They loved these little high tech tops

Christmas Morning!

The kids have been so excited for Christmas morning this year. All month long we have been watching Christmas movies, making cookies, making desserts, decorating and just relaxing. It was Jamison's first Christmas and he is the youngest baby at Christmas so far in our family. I LOVE being home for Christmas. Its just so comfortable and relaxing. So here are some of the photo's from Christmas morning.

Here we are coming down the stairs. Alexander and Eva were so happy and excited.

Alexander opening gifts from Santa

He was very excited after every gift :)

Jamison opening a gift
Eva's favorite gift that morning
They all got one of these. Jamison is too small for it but he will love it when he gets big enough.
After santa gifts we opened family gifts

It was a fun morning and we are all still playing with the gifts and just relaxing but I am already thinking about all the organizing to do for New Years. We are staying home New Years and going to bed as soon as the clock turns midnight.

Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve with the Reeve's

I baked so many cookies for christmas. At least 300 but it was a lot of fun and I perfected the chocolate chip cookie :) Our last batch was made on christmas Eve right after dinner. The kids have been helping me make cookies so they wanted to help with the batch for santa. They ate some cookies too.

Then we read the christmas Eve book

and put the family gifts under the tree

The kids went to bed at 8o'clock and Santa stopped by with his red and green wrapping
I love the Christmas season. We were able to take cookies to neighbors, work people, board members, visiting teaching and home teaching people and it was really nice. The next post will be Christmas morning.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas in Iceland

My Friend Unnur had this video. Christmas in Iceland how fun! I agree with the guy who says they save a little shopping for the few days before christmas to see the hustle and bustle. We are doing that this year. We are all done shopping but saved gifts for each other for the 24th! Alexander, Jamison and I are shopping for Daniel and Eva and Vice Versa. I am sooo excited!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Santa misjudged

(Alexander and Eva's boots in the window)
The Icelandic Santas have been doing a good job at getting entertaining presents for Eva and Alexander and putting them in their shoes. Last night however they misjudged. They thought it would be fun to get the kids some Batman and Superman DVDS (believe it or not Eva likes these too) they were cartoons. However they are PG 13 for their fantastical violence! INSANE! Santa misjudged my children's ages. It must be because last night after we put Alexander and Eva to bed Alexander kept popping out of his room trying to catch Santa. He said to Daniel when he went to check on them "Just so you know Santa hasn't come yet!" he wants to meet one of the Santas. Santa must have thought Alexander was at least 13 because he was up at 10 walking about the house. Hopefully Santa will be more careful next time and read the labels.

I am collecting 13 Santas and I blame it on one of these guys!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ginger Bread house

I have always wanted to make a gingerbread house! I want to make it with that delicious gingerbread that is firm enough to stand up but that tastes like rich ginger bread (not cardboard). However I am not there yet. Maybe when I don't have little babies around. Alexander made one at school and I though it was adorable (even though it looks like an elf shack :) ) He brought it off the bus and I loved it and wanted to display it on the dinning room table. He had other plans for it. As soon as I started driving home he was demanding that I give it back because he was going to eat it (I put it in the front seat for safe keeping) I asked him if he wanted to save it for a little while.


As soon as we got in the door he started trying to open it. I told him I needed to take a picture with the camera so he waited. I took the picture and 30 minutes later there was nothing but discarded candy everywhere. I am wondering if it will be different the first time Eva brings one home. If she will want to display it and save it or do the same. We shall see.

Merry Christmas

Friday, December 17, 2010

Let it snow

We got an extreme snow storm here!! It was great fun. I didn't have anywhere to go and was told school would probably be canceled the next day so I was able to enjoy the snow instead of worry about it. I figured we wouldn't get this much snow ever again so we needed to make a snow man! Here he is! we even got compliments from people driving by.
I think the compliments were because there generally is not enough snow to make a snow man around here :) He has since passed away today because of heat stroke.
We had snowball fights
Which was mostly Alexander throwing snow in Eva's face
and then Eva dropping snow in front of you

Alexander decided to make a snow angel and Eva tried to take advantage of the moment.

I loved the snow. I don't generally like snow but its fun when you know it will all melt away in two days.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Its Christmas

We have been sooo sick since we came back from Utah. Flu like things, sinus things colds that linger and maybe even chicken pox. Its still here but hopefully will be gone by the end of the week. This has caused no blogging and barely getting our outside lights up on Saturday. However sicknesses do not stop Santa from stopping by and putting toys in the kids shoes. Its the first day of 13 Santas today. The kids were playing with the toy they got this morning.
Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 3, 2010

We feel accomplished

We accomplished a lot during our time in Utah.

We blessed Jamison.

It was a great experience although I wish I would have taken notes (I never do).
We went and saw Olafur, Bjorg and Matti which was great! We had Thanksgiving with family. Our children were able to spend quality time with their cousins. Alexander had his first sleep over. And I am sure there is much more we did that I am forgetting.

It might be awhile before we do another trip anywhere. Having a 3 month old along with Eva and Alexander makes traveling quite overwhelming. We have been home for quite a few days and still have "jet lag"

Here are some photos I took on the trip that I loved.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gardner Village

I am a big fan of Gardner Village. Its just a magical little place to go for the Holiday season. I usually go at Halloween but I haven't been in Utah for Halloween in 3 years so we decided to go this year. I dragged Daniel along because lets face it Gardner village with 3 little ones without two parents is not a good idea. It was cold and windy but I liked it even more because of that. We were all bundled up which made it fun. I took a few pictures that I am going to share.This made me laugh, Chris was checking the time probably wondering when it was time to leave. Daniel asked if it was time to leave after every store :)

Eva and Paige looking in the window to the left.
I didn't notice that they were together during the visit
but they are together a lot in my other photo's

We finally hit the bakery and had some cookies and such.

When I was looking at this photo I couldn't figure out why everyone was touching their head. They were playing a game maybe follow the leader?.

It was cold but fun. I even got a little Christmas shopping done there.

P.S I love the Christmas store there! Its there year round. I also loved the quilt shop they had some beautiful throw pillows!