Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Morning!

The kids have been so excited for Christmas morning this year. All month long we have been watching Christmas movies, making cookies, making desserts, decorating and just relaxing. It was Jamison's first Christmas and he is the youngest baby at Christmas so far in our family. I LOVE being home for Christmas. Its just so comfortable and relaxing. So here are some of the photo's from Christmas morning.

Here we are coming down the stairs. Alexander and Eva were so happy and excited.

Alexander opening gifts from Santa

He was very excited after every gift :)

Jamison opening a gift
Eva's favorite gift that morning
They all got one of these. Jamison is too small for it but he will love it when he gets big enough.
After santa gifts we opened family gifts

It was a fun morning and we are all still playing with the gifts and just relaxing but I am already thinking about all the organizing to do for New Years. We are staying home New Years and going to bed as soon as the clock turns midnight.

Merry Christmas

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Hera said...

They are so cute. Eva looks like you did where she is coming down the stairs. Jamison is sure related to our family hehe.