Monday, December 20, 2010

Santa misjudged

(Alexander and Eva's boots in the window)
The Icelandic Santas have been doing a good job at getting entertaining presents for Eva and Alexander and putting them in their shoes. Last night however they misjudged. They thought it would be fun to get the kids some Batman and Superman DVDS (believe it or not Eva likes these too) they were cartoons. However they are PG 13 for their fantastical violence! INSANE! Santa misjudged my children's ages. It must be because last night after we put Alexander and Eva to bed Alexander kept popping out of his room trying to catch Santa. He said to Daniel when he went to check on them "Just so you know Santa hasn't come yet!" he wants to meet one of the Santas. Santa must have thought Alexander was at least 13 because he was up at 10 walking about the house. Hopefully Santa will be more careful next time and read the labels.

I am collecting 13 Santas and I blame it on one of these guys!



Hera said...

How wonderful and fun.

MoBo said...

I Love It!!! thats so AWesome! you are making great traditions hehe silly yule lad, he must have had too much malt in his appelsín mix! hahahaha

Wiley Family said...

Thats so funny I have been working on the same thing. I want some awesome 13 santas in my house.