Friday, December 17, 2010

Let it snow

We got an extreme snow storm here!! It was great fun. I didn't have anywhere to go and was told school would probably be canceled the next day so I was able to enjoy the snow instead of worry about it. I figured we wouldn't get this much snow ever again so we needed to make a snow man! Here he is! we even got compliments from people driving by.
I think the compliments were because there generally is not enough snow to make a snow man around here :) He has since passed away today because of heat stroke.
We had snowball fights
Which was mostly Alexander throwing snow in Eva's face
and then Eva dropping snow in front of you

Alexander decided to make a snow angel and Eva tried to take advantage of the moment.

I loved the snow. I don't generally like snow but its fun when you know it will all melt away in two days.


Wiley Family said...

I know. I love the snow because it won't stay forever. hahahahaha it is snowing here today. I hope it will be enough to make a snowman and such how fun.

MoBo said...

hahahah Awesome!!! there isnt snow here, poo! and everyone is all no snow!ÐÐÐ!??!? hehe i dont mind a little spring time temperatureing huhuhu

Great Post! with the hilarity and all

Maliana said...

hahah heat stroke!
i love the snow but there is so much of it here that it gets bothersome but i still love it :p

we need to make a snow man in out back yard! :D