Monday, August 27, 2012


So here is a post 100 years later. The Kids and I went to Canada for 2 weeks in August and it was so great. It was my first time going "home" since I moved out back in 2004. How crazy anyway it was a wonderful experience. We got to meet and spend time with Eypor and Maliana and we got to see Mamma and Dad and Melanie and Lete and then Henry came off his mission and we got to spend time with him too. It has been the fastest and best summer. The Kids to to see all their Reeves relatives at the Reeves Reunion and then they got to see almost all of my family! (We didn't see Melisa, Willie, Tuimana, Victoria, Aiden and Arianna) We got to see Meleofa and Dustin and Miaya and Sarah but only for tiny bits. It was great though. My kids got to get to know their Amma and Afi on their own turf. They had so much fun with them. Eva still tells me she wants to go back. But now its onto real life again. I didn't have my camera charger for most of the summer and my computer was on the fritz so I didn't really get on the computer much. Enjoy some Photos.

Here are Amma and Afi they were wonderful hosts.

 Everyone talked about Peters and Calgary so we went there. 
Mine tasted like medicine and mint because I chose badly.
 It was Maliana's Birthday that day!!

This was the day we went up to Drumheller to see the dinosaur museum. 
It was awesome! My first dinosaur museum ever (not including the one on BYU Campus) 
We ate on the mat at a park. It was a great day.

Then Elder Toutai came home and became Henry again. 
We went to get him from the airport!!

The next day we celebrated all the August birthdays. 
We started with some pizza dinner on the Mat.

Then we got some kites and flew them! They were so fun. 
Who knew how fun kite flying was!!!

Afi with the grandkids

Eva got to hold the string

 So did Alexander. 
They really loved it so I hope to be able to do it here,
 we have so much wind I hope it works.
Then Eva insisted we play toilet tag. Which is freeze tag. 
So we did. It was like we were little kids again.

Then we had candles and cake. Everyone got their own cake. It was yummy.

Then we had an umu/ Tongan eating for Henry's home coming Yes that is a roasted pig.

Here they are pretending to help :)

Oh here is a picture of Afi on the swings.

 Here I am looking fantastic with Eva viewing the city. It was a big city.

 Here are Jamison and Henry.

 Melanie took us to see the downtown of the city. 
I haven't been in a real city in a LONG time. 

Here we are in front of the Cardston Temple and then .

Alexander and Jamison on the slide at Amma's house

It was a wonderful trip. I am so glad we went up to Canada.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

What a good dad

I went shopping this morning and I came home and found Daniel making the kids a water slide with the new playset or "park" as Eva calls it. They loved it. They called it the big surprise. We are having a great summer. Still a bit hectic. We are almost done with the yard, just some playground mulch and then all done. Daniel installed some light fixtures for me. We have been super busy around here but we love it. Until next time.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012


That is what life is now a big huge whirlwind. I stay really busy and Daniel stays really busy so there isn't much time for the things of the past like blogging and laundry. But I uploaded some photos and I figured I would post them. These are a few weeks or months back, I can't recall. We were working in the yard one saturday and Daniel wanted to pull out the slip and slide.
Jamison wouldn't go on it. He finally did as you can see in this picture but he just arm crawled across it.view from the patio. They really had fun.
Jaction shotthis is a random shot. Jamison loves to run outside and play in the dirt. Here he is in his PJS in the evening trying to get some playing in before we put him to bed. We are having a packed and fun summer so far.


P.S I have no idea how to use this new blogger template so who knows what this post will really look like

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Our Backyard

We haven't blogged in a while. Miriam has a new calling, the kids are getting bigger, I am never home, and our computer has a cracked screen. What sucks for people reading this blog is that I (Daniel Reeves) am the one writing this blog, and I usually contribute about once a year. So this could be our last post until next year

I just wanted to post pictures of our backyard, because it's Awesome

Thursday, April 19, 2012

It was easter

It was a few weeks ago but thats ok. ours was simple and w don't teach the easter bunny because I have a fobia of a giant man dresses as a pastel bunny. We tell them daniel hid them. Ha ha. Anyway these are from my phone and I am just trying  too get them on here.

Just a day

Just another day out running errands and kmart had one of therese. They were so excited so I took a picture

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Our TV stand

We finally finished our TV stand. If you want to see how we did it go here. We started with this area:

The white tv stand doesn't look right and it was just too low. So many little Jamison hand prints all over it. Then we found this on Craigslist
Well I forgot to take a picture of it before I started so you will have to use your imagination.Then I worked really hard and had Daniel buffer it and we also made some little changes to fit all the electronics (changes that wouldn't changed the piece so we can use it for a dresser later) And now we have this:
(taken at night)
Or this:
Taken in the day while watching march madness. Daniel LOVES it. I am kind of left with the feeling that it does its job and its finished. It looks really masculine to me. I was originally going to paint it white but the wood was so nice so we didn't. Anyway ALL my projects in the garage are now complete. So the yard is next then the actual Garage!!! The spring always brings a lot of energy for us.

Ch ch ch changes

I have that shrek changes song in my head right now. Anyway its been a while a
nd there have been lots of changes in our house, sort of. Our Ward got split in half and joined w
ith a section of another ward. I must say I went into mourning for a week for my old ward until I met our new ward members then I was excited for change and the ab
ility to make ourselves better. Then I was called as the Young Women President. That change was a BIG one. It was super scary and then it wasn't :) I trust in the Lord to help me so thats thats. Then I got in this frenzy at home that I needed to finish all my garage projects and all the things that I look at in my house that drive me nuts on a daily basis (paint things) It was a spring cleaning thing. So we made some more changes. First Jenny came to visit and it was SPLENDID. I felt bad because I wasn't there one of the nights for YW but I think she understands. Then Jenny left and my kids were sad and then we made a big change.Eva and Alexander shared a room and we talked with the kids to see who wanted to share a room with Jamison and they decided Alexander would share a room with Jamison and Eva would get her own new room. To celebrate we (I) painted Eva's new room. A very light color. Then we rearranged all the furniture and toys. The kids were SOOO excited about all this. I took Eva to goodwill and let her choose some art for her walls. Here is one of them:
That dog on the wall was her choice.They were some fun things. Then we went to the dollar store and bought MANY storage containers for her closet. They have such fun colors during Easter. Then we drove straight home and hung everything on the walls and organized the toys. She even went into my closet with me and chose framed things in there that she wanted on her walls (from my extra pile) and went to certain parts of the house to ask for art right off the walls. I let her get some but not all. Then when Alexander got home from school he was a little upset. Not because
I had completely rearranged the rooms but because he didn't have any art for his walls. So I think this next weekend I will take him to fill his walls. We did get him a green lamp. He is really into green all of the sudden. Anyway here are some photos.
This was Jamison most of the time because I kept taking things away from him, like the box of nails and the hammer. Then when he realized I was taking photos of him he started doing this.
Here are some flowers we put in her room, she kept saying she needed to smell them.

She had these gray drawers in her room but I decided the white ones I redid a long time ago because I got inspired by my sister Meleofa who had almost the identical dresser and painted it black.
Yeah its pretty girly when its white. Then here is the mini gallery wall right by her bed. She chose the catcus canvas from Target herself and then wanted the bird pictures from another room so I let her have them.

Here is her reading corner. I read this book about organizing your family and it said every child should have their own book case and I think I agree. She chose the blonde little ballerina picture from good will and that anne gedes butterfly baby picture, I already had the one in the closet and she had the other
Anyway thats her new room and and I must say its fun to have a little girls room in the house. Its a full bed so it doubles as a guest room if need be.

So thats us sort of in a nut shell. However the really exciting thing that happened last weekend was the wall raising. Thats right our bbq's with the neighbors are no more. We raised them all to 6 ft and I believe we are all happy. Our back neighbor even called and said it was beautiful. Probably because she doesn't have to see our kids looking over the fence everyday. ITS MARVELOUS!!
so now we (Daniel) are planting all the plants and finishing our yard. Anyway my time is up so until next time.