Friday, September 11, 2015

Real mom moments

So I use my facebook account and instagram and even here to show the world that I love my life and it's a highlight reel to be honest. I was thinking about it and I hope no one ever compares them self to me. When I find myself comparing anything I am doing to anyone else it just stops me from enjoying life.

That said I wanted to share a few mom fails this week. I used to want to get everything done perfectly and on time and beautifully.  That all went out the door when my 3rd baby came and now I am learning to prioritize life. What is most important right now, what while affect my future and my families future those types of things it's goog to be a forever lesson but I am happy with the progress I make.

So this week on Wednesday I read in Jamison's folder that he had snack day for the whole class thursday, so I made a mental note to go to the store and get 24 snacks and 24 caprisuns. Thursday morning came and as jamison ran to the bus I remembered it was snack day. Palm to my face moment. Had a small panic attack then called daniel and when he got back to me he was able to go to the store pick up snacks and drop them to school.  Heroic husband moment.

Today is picture day at school. I knew this all week made a mental note. It's 11 am Anf I just relapsed it was picture day (from another mom's facebook post 😂😂😉😉😉)

My mental notes are going away soon! I must write it on my planner and then look at my planner. Anyway I have mom fails everyday all day and guess what?  I am learning not to panic I am learning that I must do my best and be happy with it. I can't play the what if past tense game. I can only do my best and move forward. I feel I will be a better mother and human for it! If I am steaming mad at myself for forgetting things and failing at things I am an angry stresses out person who nobody gets to enjoy.

I want to enjoy life and the people I choose to surround myself with.

This has been random and unusual but that's ok, wanted to get a bit of my real self out there and let myself and others know that it's ok to have "mom fails" and it's ok to not feel guilty about the things we think we are not doing right. It's ok to enjoy life.