Saturday, June 27, 2009

I Love 311

Thats pretty much it. Love their new Album. Wish I could see them in concert this year.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

difference between Daniel and Andrew?

Bubba sort of knows the difference in photo's but we were looking through his photo album today and he said "Andrew" when he saw this picture

So I said, "yes that's right that's Andrew good job."

So we kept flipping through and then he sees this picture

and says "Andrew Andrew" so I say "um no that's not Andrew that's Daddy." And he looks all confused. This was the only one he got wrong so I guess that's progress. Do these look the same to you at all? I don't think they do but maybe the little baby boy threw him off? At least he is sort of recognized Andrew.

Mini Projects

So I still haven't done anything with the tables. I am dying for the little table to put it in my room too but I am just trying to not get burned out from projects so I decided to do some mini projects yesterday.

The first one is a picture that we got from Dustin, Meleofa and my mother. Its a great picture and I would recommend everyone getting one. Its of all the prophets. Anyway so its an extra long picture and you would probably have to get it specially framed or if you know how to make a frame (which is on my list of things to learn) but luckily a couple of months ago I found this extra long almost strange frame at a garage sale for $2 and I knew at some point I would need it for one of my odd shaped pictures and what do you know here it is. I had some gold paint that I have been using on my frames so I pulled it out yesterday cleaned it and painted it and there is the end product. I still need to hang it but Daniel and I are still trying to decide where to put it (probably on the living room wall right behind the couch).

My second mini project is something I decided to do 3 years ago when Alexander was a few months old. I got two little baby photo albums that were the exact same color for him so I decided instead of doing baby books I would do baby albums using one specific color for each child. So Alexander's are pretty much done. I tend to stick to a year and under and just fill them with somewhat significant photos.

I am sure that as they get older I will add another album in the same color. I do a bit of scrap booking for them both already but I am much slower at that so I figure this is great.

While in Utah I found a great Red one for Eva. I have always wanted Red for Eva in Everything (she has many red dresses) so I thought this was perfect. Now I have started to organize through photos on the computer that I can send to walmart or walgreens to get some photo's developed so that I can complete one of her albums.

I like this idea better than a baby book only because I knew it was easy enough that I would actually do it and not drop the ball and forget. So there you go. She just turned one so this is perfect to do now. Although I think I should do more journaling for the kids and maybe add those to the photo album pages. Just to remember things like first teeth first steps first crawl etc. Time really flies when you have little ones so you find out you forgot to do a lot of these things.


Daniel wanted to take pictures of Eva with the sunflower so here they are.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

can't find the camera

I haven't blogged in a week and I even took some pictures to blog but I just can't locate the camera. Oh well maybe next time.

We have this huge sunflower outside growing. We came back from Utah and there it was. its the kind that actually has the seeds in it. I think someone must have dropped one and so it decided to grow.

We got LIBRARY CARDS! Daniel was nice enough to go with the kids and I to our library. I was so excited because well I just won't go with the kids alone there they are monkeys. So I borrowed some DVDs for Daniel and Alexander and got me some books! I was very disappointed because they don't have shopaholic ties the knot. Someone had already checked it out. Hopefully when I get there on Saturday it will be there. I am so excited for this library card because I won't have to buy all the books I want to try out anymore.

So I have been reading a lot. I am reading the shopaholic books and I have the last two I just need the ties a knot one.

For the last few days I went into comatose again but with "The Children of the Promise" Books. I read the first two in England back in 2003 and fell in love with them. So I bought them all and decided to read them. I finished yesterday and they are just great. Now I want the other ones that are the grand children from the '60's. I also just started reading FDR's last year. Its 850 pages. I am excited about it thought because its WWII which is one of my favorite things to study.

We have noticed that Alexander only likes Pixar movies. I got Aladdin and Toy Story from the library and he doesn't like Aladdin but he wants to watch Toy story all day long.
He also loves:
Shrek 1,2 &3
Surf's up
Madagascar 2

He will watch these all day long if I let him.

Eva is not walking yet. She has started to crawl really fast so I think she decided she will just do that for awhile because its faster for her. Anyway that is us this week. Hope you all are doing well.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Guitars and Goodbyes

We said good bye to Melanie Henry and Dad. It was great to see them all. Having Melanie with us was so much fun! Alexander keeps asking where Garrett is (that's what he started calling Melanie a week in) I think he liked Garrett so much and he liked Melanie so much so he just started calling her that. We said goodbye to them on Sunday and everyone was playing the guitar? So I took pictures. It was the first time I heard Lete and Henry play the guitar. It was wonderful. Anyway I got some pictures and a funny one of Dad (of course). So here you go.

Happy Birthday Eva Sunna

Eva turned 1 while we were in Utah. She was sick on her birthday though. She had a really high fever and just laid there (not normal for the squirming little girl) Her fever didn't break for 2 days and got to 103.9 so we took her to urgent care and none of the normal things were wrong with her. He said it was probably a virus or something. So we gave her Motrin and Tylenol like the doctor said and the fever broke the next morning. She slowly got better but her big appetite still isn't back. Maybe that wont come back. Anyway so we had her birthday on Sunday when Daniel would be there.

She had 3 cakes. The first cake was so Melanie, Henry and my Dad could watch her blow out the candle and get some cake (they had to leave for Canada before the party).

The second cake was her own special cake that she was supposed to dig into and love. This was the one we sang happy birthday too her with ALL the families.

She was still not eating a lot after being sick so this was as much as she did.

I forgot to take a picture of the last cake. It was the big sheet cake that everyone got to enjoy. It had pretty roses on it that were blue and purple.

She got lots of toys that Alexander finally says are Eva's but he still gets to play with them first apparently.

We got her a walking toy and she pushes it around the house now and Alexander roles around right next to her on his Diego trike.

Happy Birthday Little One

Finally a New Post

On the way home

The children and I were in Utah for 3 weeks as I previously posted and it was fun. Somewhat relaxing but I came back a lot more tired than when I left. Oh and I forgot the memory card in my camera so I didn't get it until Daniel came 2 days before we left so I am lacking in the picture category.

Well I will quickly tell the things we did. First of all the reason we went out there was to see little Beckam. He was only a day late so we got to see him. He is a little cutie. Click here to see some sideways pictures. I hope they start blogging a lot more so we can see Beckam grow. He is a cute and tiny little boy. I am really sad I didn't get any pictures of him. Stupid camera.

Some other things we got to do were go to Hanna's baptism. That was great to see. Then we got to go to Joel's 16th celebration. We went down to the Gateway and did a scavenger hunt. It was really fun! I liked how they did it and I have never seen the Gateway so packed in my life.

We got to celebrate Eva's 1st birthday with family (I will do a separate blog for that).

I got to go to Ikea and get some odds and ends and a saeng cover. Yay for that.

I got to go to D.Is all over Utah and I added to my book collection. I feel like I have enough books to read for the whole summer and I am so excited.

I got to hang out with my long lost siblings A LOT and it was so much fun. I absolutely loved that part.

and I got to read a lot. I guess my idea of a vacation is hanging out and reading a lot. I had so much fun!

Staying at the Reeves' was a blast. They are always so nice and hospitable! They are a really busy couple though. We spent all our Saturdays with them so that was really nice. We always got to go down to see the other Reeves' with them. Bubba loves Ethan and Cameron and Eva loves Roslyn.

Anyway its great to be home. That is a long time to be away from home and husband so I doubt I will do it again at least not that long.