Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just us

I figured I would just post some pictures. Daniel is very good about being with the children when he gets home from work. Alexander was telling him about his school day and Jamison was just enjoying his dad.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What a great Dad

I have been sooo busy with children and house and sleep that I haven't been on this computer since friday or so (I really can't remember) My memory is completely shot. I feel like I need a HUGE white board on the entire living room wall just so I can write down all the things I need to do and be able to do them. I just can't remember ANYTHING. I have been soo busy yet I haven't accomplished anything. Is that just another part of motherhood?

A recap of the last few days is: I went to the relief society broadcast! I actually went which I usually don't. I will usually just catch it online at my own convenience but a friend of mine in the ward told me they like to go together because its more fun so I went and it was fun. I left all the kids at home and Daniel did not have fun at all but I was very grateful for the uplifting messages and peacefulness.

Jamison and I went to church. I found this cute little vest and figured because he has no church clothes he can just wear his fancy vest over his solid colored sleepers and he will be in his best dressed :)
We got up at 7:30 and that in itself was very difficult for me. It took me all the way to church to actually be awake. I felt like a zombie all day long however the part that was great was that I wasn't stressed about our very energetic primary class. I was rather mellow because of exhaustion.

Thats about it. Jamison has been rather fussy doesn't like to be put down and there is no one else to hold him!! Well Daniel and he does when he is home so that is a nice break. I am VERY excited about this weekend and all the holders of babies that are coming!!

Oh on Thursday we bought a new couch. We had been looking for quite awhile and finally found IT! and we paid the extra $100 for 5 years of repair. I guess its like a warranty. I used to think warrantys were for suckers. I thought "Who in their right mind would puncture their couch" and then I had two year olds. They will probably be sorry they sold us the protection plan. It covers EVERYTHING. I remember when Alexander drew all over our brand new couchs in Guam. Yeah so wohoo.

Oh and Daniel was a great dad and made forts with them
The New sectional!! Red Leather seems to be our choice in couches.

So that is what we have been doing. Living is what it is called I guess.

P.S We have netflix and the Young Victoria plays instantly and we watched it and I LOVED IT. That's random but I rarely find movies that I absolutely love and actually recommend. Its the history that got me.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Here are some classic bath pictures of Jamison. Daniel gives the kids a bath in their bathtub while I give Jamison a bath in their sink. Its just the easiest solution because no awkward bending over or feeling like I am going to drop him in the big scary tub.

Here he is in Eva's bed right after everyone was bathed and clean waiting for book reading before bed. My favorite time of day is bed time. How sad is that? I am sure it will change when Jamison stops needing to eat in the middle night/morning.

My favorite quote of the morning is from Daniel "Are you sure Jamison woke up last night?" um yes yes he did.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Sorry it has been a few days since my last post. Daniel was using the camera for work and then I thought he still had it for days and he didn't so I should have posted forever ago.
We went to the game on Saturday night. That is probably the last night game we will go to for football. Lots of fighting and excitement there.

Ive never seen so much red in my life. I don't think the UNM team is ever going to be good.
This was Jamison's first game and he slept all the way through it.
This was the half time show. All the little boys teams got to play on the field. This made Alexander cry for a long time because he wanted to play. We told him he needed a helmet to play and he kept asking where his helmet was (he doesn't have one) so we were going to go get him one but he seems to have forgotten about it so far.

Eva and Alexander were energetic the entire time. After looking over these pictures I can see they have a lot of energy and I don't.

Yes that is Eva under the bleacher chair thing.
Yes that is Alexander laying on the bleacher
Here they are
Daniel really enjoyed the game we get to go to a Utah game or BYU game every year so its fun.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jamison's colors

I don't know about you but I like to choose a color for my children before they are born and get things for them in that said color.
I wanted Jamison's color to be green like 7 up green.

(photo credit unknown)
For some reason my color choices never stick. I wanted Red for Eva but never got around to it and I can't remember what I wanted for Alexander. Eva gets whatever color now, I try to choose reds but yellows pop up a lot for her (clothing, room decor). Anyway it turns out that Jamison has three colors. Here is the blanket we chose for him after he was born (photo:
and his bouncer has the same blue, rust orange and green on it. At least the green is close to the 7 up green I originally chose. I have even gotten two rust orange onsies for him so far. I really like the colors too. I tried to find these colors in natural form:
(photo credit unknown)
(photo credit unknown)
(photo credit unknown)

I think I need to learn how to quilt and use these colors for a quilt for him. I really love the look of quilts now (I didn't used to) I will either learn how to make them or learn how to buy them :)

Anyway I found these three colors in one image:

(photo credit unknown)
I love Autumn and can't wait until its here (its still really hot here in the days) maybe that is why I love these colors so much right now.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This week with us

I figured I needed to post because its been a few days so here are some pictures.This is what happened when the girls went grocery shopping. I took Eva with me and Daniel stayed home with the boys. I came home to a completely dark house and a British tv show on.(not typical Daniel) They had all fallen asleep.

Alexander holding Jamison right before they were off to church

Our friends the Bangerter's brought dinner over on Sunday. That was REALLY nice because I didn't have to do anything. Here are the kids watching UP for a little bit. I think Alena is adorable! And she makes them get along.

This was on Thursday before we had to go to Jamison's Doctor's appointment. Eva wanted to be in the pictures with Jamison

Oh and she kept telling me he was ticking her with his feet so I took a picture
Jamison is now a little over two weeks old. When we went to his 2 day appointment he was 7lb 11 ounces so still 6 ounces away from birth weight. Well when he was 12 days old we took him in for his 2 week appointment and he weighed 8lb 8 ounces so he gained quite a bit so his doctor says he is very healthy and gaining quickly so that is good. He is 22 inches now. He is getting some baby fat on him in his face now. We finally bought him a fluffy blanket and he LOVES it. He sleeps a little better through the night only waking up to eat then falls asleep again. My problem is unless I exhausted myself during the day I sit there awake for at least an hour even though I need the sleep badly. I guess I need to figure this thing out still with sleep.

Until next time.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sneak Peek of the family room

Our family room has been a work in progress. It is almost done it just needs some more furniture and a new couch. (which we need to find) Couches are difficult because we want to get a comfortable stylish kid friendly stain resistant fits the room kind of thing (talk about high maintenance) so it might be awhile before me find the right one. In the mean time we will stick with our red leather one.
Anyway this room started off as this:
This is how we bought it plain jane

Then add lots of paint with Opa and Daniel's hard work

Then comes floors and Daniel's expertise and diligence

Then turn off the lights and you have your own theater in your house!

I love this room! I didn't think I would because its all electronics but I really LOVE IT! We can just watch movies at home with all three kids in bed. It has surround sound and everything! Oh and we added a tv for looks.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I LOVE my husband

Daniel finished all the floors and all the transitions and everything! He is the BEST! You can look here for the before's of this room

Here are some pictures of the front room with furniture.
part of the front room

That is the front door to the right
Eva running through the picture
The little sitting area by the front window
picture taken from the sitting area
(I hate the couch but it will be there until we find a new one to go in there)
The wall behind the dining table is going to have my seascape collection as soon as I finish it
oh and the china hutch will go in the corner where the baby chair is

A view from the stairs
My dining set.
Yes Daniel even finished my chairs for me!

Alexander playing dead for the camera
why? good question.
Eva joining in of the playing dead

I have to admit I have felt extremely spoiled this time around (having Jamison) Daniel has been doing everything and hasn't complained or anything (unlike myself) He really is a great man (cheesy I know but he helps me so much!)


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Being a mother of 3

So far things have gone pretty smoothly as a mother of 3 with a lot of help. I'm tired and probably will be for a few more weeks or months. I love my kids. They test my patience a lot but then they do something sweet and I am able to function again. There is a learning curve with each additional child and I am slowly getting it. I must admit there is something that comes naturally for me with each child and that is taking pictures of them.

You know how people say you take hundreds of pictures of your first child and then none of the rest? That is not the case for me. I take many of all of them. I have hundreds of Alexander, and hundreds of Eva and I am building my collection of Jamison. I am guessing the digital camera is the reason for this. No more worrying about precious film just precious gigabytes (luckily we bought an external drive specifically for all the photo taking) Anyway I make sure to take a picture of Jamison everyday so people can see him grow (we are the only ones that get to see him be a fresh new born) I will share some pictures of him. He still looks pretty yellow to me
3 days ago, (His ears stick out in this picture)Also 3 days ago with some Daniel attitude
Here he is 2 days ago
Yesterday all awake
A few minutes ago
(I am trying to give him a sunbath/nap but the sun doesn't seem to want to cooperate)

I have learned that this:

will never go away and just grows and grows with each child. We are all doing well and trying to get into our routine. Here is a picture of Alexander. He is getting so bigHere is Eva, still gets into mischief 99% of the day. Dolce sits under her at dinner. I wonder why?