Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Sorry it has been a few days since my last post. Daniel was using the camera for work and then I thought he still had it for days and he didn't so I should have posted forever ago.
We went to the game on Saturday night. That is probably the last night game we will go to for football. Lots of fighting and excitement there.

Ive never seen so much red in my life. I don't think the UNM team is ever going to be good.
This was Jamison's first game and he slept all the way through it.
This was the half time show. All the little boys teams got to play on the field. This made Alexander cry for a long time because he wanted to play. We told him he needed a helmet to play and he kept asking where his helmet was (he doesn't have one) so we were going to go get him one but he seems to have forgotten about it so far.

Eva and Alexander were energetic the entire time. After looking over these pictures I can see they have a lot of energy and I don't.

Yes that is Eva under the bleacher chair thing.
Yes that is Alexander laying on the bleacher
Here they are
Daniel really enjoyed the game we get to go to a Utah game or BYU game every year so its fun.

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MoBo said...

hahaha your kids are too funny! Great Pictures, Great Family! So Alexander wants to be a footballer instead of a dancer now? hahaha