Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This week with us

I figured I needed to post because its been a few days so here are some pictures.This is what happened when the girls went grocery shopping. I took Eva with me and Daniel stayed home with the boys. I came home to a completely dark house and a British tv show on.(not typical Daniel) They had all fallen asleep.

Alexander holding Jamison right before they were off to church

Our friends the Bangerter's brought dinner over on Sunday. That was REALLY nice because I didn't have to do anything. Here are the kids watching UP for a little bit. I think Alena is adorable! And she makes them get along.

This was on Thursday before we had to go to Jamison's Doctor's appointment. Eva wanted to be in the pictures with Jamison

Oh and she kept telling me he was ticking her with his feet so I took a picture
Jamison is now a little over two weeks old. When we went to his 2 day appointment he was 7lb 11 ounces so still 6 ounces away from birth weight. Well when he was 12 days old we took him in for his 2 week appointment and he weighed 8lb 8 ounces so he gained quite a bit so his doctor says he is very healthy and gaining quickly so that is good. He is 22 inches now. He is getting some baby fat on him in his face now. We finally bought him a fluffy blanket and he LOVES it. He sleeps a little better through the night only waking up to eat then falls asleep again. My problem is unless I exhausted myself during the day I sit there awake for at least an hour even though I need the sleep badly. I guess I need to figure this thing out still with sleep.

Until next time.



MoBo said...

Thos pictures are so cute, poor you guys, all exhausted and what not, but your ward sounds wonderful!

Hera said...

Thanks so much for all the photos Miriam. It makes the distance seem shorter.

Hera said...

Jamison´s nose is pointy :)