Friday, September 3, 2010

Reeves Family of 5

This is my first post since whenever my last post was before Jamison. I knew things would be more difficult this time around because well an extra child, no family around, and Eva. I'm tired and tired but I learned after having Alexander that you just keep going even when you get no sleep ever. It will come back later. Daniel has been great. I loved his days off. Our ward has been GREAT! I have someone picking Alexander up for the school bus and dropping him back home after school and we had dinners brought over and someone to watch Eva and Alexander while we were in the hospital. We have been very blessed with all the help there.

Jamison had his first doctors appointment the other day. He has jaundice. It was high jaundice too. The doctor said anything 20 or over is the danger zone (jaundice can cause brain damage when the numbers are too high) he was at an 18! I had to take him in again to get tested the next day and luckily it was down to a 16.6 which means its going down but its still pretty high. He only weighed 7 lbs 11 ounces which is still in the normal zone. He is a lazy baby with eating but I think thats the jaundice but we are forcing him to wake up. He likes to sleep all day and wake up all night which just means he is a typical new baby. He is a very easy New born its Eva that makes things frustrating with the whole being a nutty 2 year old thing. I am very happy that I am no longer pregnant. I can't wait to be all healed and the only ailment I have is sleep deprivation. I am so excited for the fall which apparently won't start until October. Its still super hot here.
I am hoping the next post will be of the down stairs all finished. Thats right Daniel finished all the floors on his days off! Very diligent that one! Anyway enjoy the pictures. I'm off to take care of the kids.

Alexander started taking the bus! He LOVES it!
Daniel got a picture on his first day coming home

This is what happened when I asked Daniel to go get Jamison :)

The perfect child is the sleeping child

Jamison sleeping in the sunny room to help with the jaundice
He loves the sun already


Shari and Trent said...

Congrat's on the new babe!

Wiley Family said...

I love Jamison so much already hahahahaha. he is so cute and just looks so sweet. I love your posts and your pics of whats going on with you guys in NM. I am so happy that you have such a wonderful ward to help with the things that you guys needed help with. I think we will be in a somewhat similar situation in a couple of months. I am a little nervouse about Mana and Victoria. Im hoping I will have a "normal" delivery so that baby and I will be able to come home asap. Im so happy for the Reeves family of 5. Love you all.

meleofa said...

He is so precious! I'm glad you're getting lots of support. That helps so much. Love you guys.

Hera said...

Fallegur drengur. Svakalega stor. Flott teppi sem hann svaf i haha.
Your dad is set on calling him Jamie. He likes his name.

Anonymous said...

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