Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I LOVE my husband

Daniel finished all the floors and all the transitions and everything! He is the BEST! You can look here for the before's of this room

Here are some pictures of the front room with furniture.
part of the front room

That is the front door to the right
Eva running through the picture
The little sitting area by the front window
picture taken from the sitting area
(I hate the couch but it will be there until we find a new one to go in there)
The wall behind the dining table is going to have my seascape collection as soon as I finish it
oh and the china hutch will go in the corner where the baby chair is

A view from the stairs
My dining set.
Yes Daniel even finished my chairs for me!

Alexander playing dead for the camera
why? good question.
Eva joining in of the playing dead

I have to admit I have felt extremely spoiled this time around (having Jamison) Daniel has been doing everything and hasn't complained or anything (unlike myself) He really is a great man (cheesy I know but he helps me so much!)



Hera said...

you have a lovely home Miriam.

MoBo said...

Your house is Great! and Daniel is Great! the sea scape idea is really great too. Hope you guys are well!