Friday, September 24, 2010


Here are some classic bath pictures of Jamison. Daniel gives the kids a bath in their bathtub while I give Jamison a bath in their sink. Its just the easiest solution because no awkward bending over or feeling like I am going to drop him in the big scary tub.

Here he is in Eva's bed right after everyone was bathed and clean waiting for book reading before bed. My favorite time of day is bed time. How sad is that? I am sure it will change when Jamison stops needing to eat in the middle night/morning.

My favorite quote of the morning is from Daniel "Are you sure Jamison woke up last night?" um yes yes he did.


Matt and Suzanne said...

What a sweetie! Look at his hair! I absolutely LOVE it. I hear you on those sleepless nights. Even though "we" are sleeping through the night now, bedtime is still one of my fav times of the day!:)

meleofa said...

I bathe Sarah in the sink too! Although, she is getting too big for it. Yesterday she popped her legs up over the side, so I figure I should probably let her bathe in a bigger tub. :D I think for many parents bed time is a time of day to look forward to. It is for me too.