Monday, February 22, 2010


Eva decided to make her own necklace today. I was wondering why she was so quiet for 10 minutes she was getting into the ribbon and making this:

She absolutely loves accessories especially pearls. Well she mostly likes necklaces that are long and bracelets.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Olympic Fever

After watching the Olympics here are 5 ways to make the Olympics more entertaining for the spectator at home.

1. Add a hang time clock on the big hill ski jump. I can never tell exactly how far past or short of the blue line they land, all I can tell is that it was before or after. Also the angle they shoot it at makes it look like they are just gliding over the top of the hill. If they added a hang time clock to help us get a better idea of how long they were in the air I would watch with way more enthusiasm.

2. Ghost mode Mario Cart style on the downhill ski events, since they can't race head to head. This is the only way we could tell how ridiculously close they are while they are racing. Right now everyone looks like they are doing it the exact same way. Instead of the announcers saying he is 3/10ths ahead of the leader or he came out of that turn at a bad angle, show us. It would work just like Mario Cart ghost mode. The person with the best time is the ghost and if you beat the ghost then you are the new ghost. Wouldn't you gain more from this when you can see how entering the turn at the wrong angle really hurt the skier.

3.This one is a twofer. For those of us who don't watch Ice Skating on a regular basis (I am going to go out on a limb here and say that is the majority of us) explain what the difference between all the jumps are. I hear the announcers say triple toe loop, into a triple lutz followed by a double toe flip. All I see is a girl in a riduculous outfit or a guy in an even more ridiculous outfit jump up and spin a bunch of times. Also relegate the ice skating events to the day time when soaps are on. I feel that the people who watch soaps would watch the "drama" of ice skating with the same fervor.

4. Show us the exciting events, like Ice Hockey, in prime time live. I was watching a guy jump around on the ice and hoping he falls when Bob Costas interrupts us and says "Sorry to interrupt the Mens Ice Skating final, but the Swiss vs Canada Ice Hockey game just ended in an overtime shootout with Sidney Crosby making the winning the goal and here is the highlight" WHAT THE HECK! Shouldn't it be the other way around. It is not like watching Ice skating live makes it more exciting then watching it on delay. Where as watching the Ice Hockey game when you already know the result greatly diminishes the excitement. The football season just ended and watching a full contact sport could have satisfied some of the emptiness left from the end of the most popular sport in America.

5. NBC should promote a Fantasy Olympic League. I would do this, not just because I like anything fantasy sports related, but because it can work. Think about it, first you would create your own country and name it whatever you want. Then pick events to include, the "season" length could be any number of events. Once the events are decided then draft 3 athletes from each event; a female athlete, a male athlete, and a backup. Only start 2 of the athletes. Points would be awarded by medals. 3 points for a gold, 2 points for a silver, and 1 point for a bronze. Hype it a few weeks before the olympics to give people who normally don't follow winter sports a time to research the athletes. Then on opening ceremonies the draft night can take place. This can work and people would actually care about some of the events.

Ohh I posted this one shortly after Miriam just posted one so make sure you read her post too.


Not much has changed over here in New Mexico in the Reeves household. I am still as sick as ever. The children still wonder why we don't leave the house much anymore but they know the weekends will be full of fun because Dad's home then. Here are some pictures of pretty much our days of late. We have Jamma days :

and movie days and play puzzle days and of course we watch the olympics not all the events just when there is nothing else to do oh and the mens long program skating. I just found out last night that ice dancing and figure skating are not the same? I don't plan on watching the ice dancing because I mean come on it looks the same as the figure skating. That was a tangent anyway we get a lot of this:

I had a picture of bubba too but I don't know where it is. This doesn't happen all the time just whenever they get into big mischief (actually the mischief happens all the time who am I kidding). Bubba just sits there for his 4 minutes and then we let him out. Eva cries and cries so her time is when she stops crying.

This is a picture of them whenever we put our shoes and coats on to go somewhere.

Oh and this is just a random picture of when Eva lets me do her hair, she actually likes when I do her hair its just hard to keep it in. She let me do a little braid to get that bangs out of her face. (yep that is green dye on the carpet in the back ground)

Oh and of late I love beef stew. Is that weird of what? and fish and chips yum. Oh and I hate the smell of EVERYTHING! However that is a lie I do love the smell of detergent and soap (not perfume soap but like lemon and pinesol) and I LOVE the smell of bleach.


Today I am 3 months

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day

We generally don't do anything special for Valentines Day. I just never felt the need. Anyway Daniel got me a card this year. I wanted to share because I thought it was adorable. So I love twilight. Especially during this pregnancy for some reason I have already read the sagas twice just during the pregnancy. Anyway so Daniel got me a card with Edward Cullen on the front that say's I hope you have an extraordinary Valentines Day with the Cullen of your choice and in parenthesis (We can dream right) the card made me laugh and I loved it and it plays Claire De Lune when you open it! :) Random I know anyways I loved it maybe because I am pregnant who knows.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bubbas B-Day

We are posting some pictures we took of Bubbas Birthday. We got him a scooter with a helmet.
He turned 4 today and the smallest size helmet he fit was 8+, now he wears it alot.
First we went to Chuck-E-Cheeses. Anyone planning on taking their kids to chuck-e-cheeses do not do it on a Friday night.
Then we went home and had birthday cake. This was the only one that wasn't to valentines day overwhelming

Here is a picture of Alexander in his helmet that fits an 8 year old. When we came home from Chuck-E-Cheeses he was screaming about his hat. We finally figured out that he wanted birthday hats. So we got him the ones that are on Daniel's head and everyone had to wear them.

Here is an action shot on the scooter. He is falling on purpose. Apparently if you are wearing your helmet then you are obligated to fall.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Alexander is 4 today. He is celebrating by eating candy for breakfast. We are going to take him to chuck e cheese the classic childrens fun land tonight. He is very excited it is his birthday. I wish The Last Airbender was out already because he wants to see it! He loves avatar and when we were watching previews for it he got super excited and made us replay it over and over.

Happy Birthday Alexander

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hi Everybody,
Yes we are pregnant, well no we aren't pregnant I am. If only Daniel could experience the 'joy' of pregnancy. So far its the worse pregnancy yet and this time round there is no beach to take me away. According to pregnancy calenders our due date is Sep 3rd so I still have like a million hours of this to go. The nausea started at week six, I think thats a rip off but what can I do. It only gets worse or stays the same. Its a 24 hour thing this time no morning sickness of night sickness its always-sickness even when I wake up in the night I am nauseous. My children are not very forgiving with my lay on the couch with movies and snacks for them all day. They have been rebelling with many colorful (the color green yesterday) different messes each and every day. I am having a hard time keeping up.

This time round I have tried sea sick wrist bands (they helped but didn't take the nausea away fully) crackers, soda water, fruits veggies salt and vinegar chips and every other remedy out there nothing works so its a suffer through it thing. The problem with this pregnancy is that food doesn't help. I used to be able to eat a meal with bubba and eva and then the nausea would go away until I was hungry again. This time the food makes it worse so its hard to even want to eat. I don't crave anything which sucks because I never know what to eat. Everything just sounds GROSS to me.

The good news is I might only have two weeks of nausea left. The obvious bad news is this pregnancy is so different maybe I have 7 more months of nausea left. We don't go anywhere, Daniel worries about me and tries to get me out of the house but I just feel so sick it doesn't ever sound worth it. We always go out on Saturdays all day and that helps a lot I have started to really love the weekends now.

Daniel has been wonderful I can't believe how wonderful! He sometimes works 13 hours a day and he still comes home and helps me with dinner and cleaning. He does all the shopping and I just can't believe how great he has been! Every now and then he comes home for lunch. I LOVE that! Its a nice break for me just to see him in the day and the kids look forward to it especially Eva. Anyway sorry for this complaining post. Many of you know what kind of pregnant lady I am so I will try to keep the posts positive.

Thanks for all the congrats in the last one.


Friday, February 5, 2010

The Latest and Greatest from the Reeves

Sorry we haven't blogged in a while but Daniel has been super busy with his new job and Miriam has been sick for weeks now. So here are a few quick pictures of our last saturday. Miriam has not been out of the house in a while because of the nautiousness, so Daniel took her and the kids out. All of these picture were taken by Miriam.

First we went down to the Bosque open spaces and went bird watching. I think these are Sandhill Cranes during their Migrations.

Here are two of the kids holding hands to go look at birds. It was funny because Bubba was worried Eva would run off. Normally she hates holding hands but she wanted to hold hands with Bubba this day.

Then we went to the park were. Eva and Bubba love the park. They must get it from their Dad.

Yes here is the oldest child playing at the park, their fearless leader. Bubba and Eva just laugh at dad and want to make sure mamma saw what dad was doing. Bubba kept going up to Miriam and saying "Mamma look at dad". Eva would just point and yell Daddy. Sorry their are no pictures of the other 2 but Miriam was the one who took all the pictures.