Friday, February 5, 2010

The Latest and Greatest from the Reeves

Sorry we haven't blogged in a while but Daniel has been super busy with his new job and Miriam has been sick for weeks now. So here are a few quick pictures of our last saturday. Miriam has not been out of the house in a while because of the nautiousness, so Daniel took her and the kids out. All of these picture were taken by Miriam.

First we went down to the Bosque open spaces and went bird watching. I think these are Sandhill Cranes during their Migrations.

Here are two of the kids holding hands to go look at birds. It was funny because Bubba was worried Eva would run off. Normally she hates holding hands but she wanted to hold hands with Bubba this day.

Then we went to the park were. Eva and Bubba love the park. They must get it from their Dad.

Yes here is the oldest child playing at the park, their fearless leader. Bubba and Eva just laugh at dad and want to make sure mamma saw what dad was doing. Bubba kept going up to Miriam and saying "Mamma look at dad". Eva would just point and yell Daddy. Sorry their are no pictures of the other 2 but Miriam was the one who took all the pictures.


JRG said...

You are so completely obvious. How does it feel to have an older sister that absolutely knows everything??? And why didn't you come up for Garrett's ordination?? (I am just giving Daniel a hard time Miriam):)

Gramma Reeves said...

Miriam You have wonderful children. Even the big one, who can be a challenge. We are very happy and think Eva and Alexander are the best older sister and brother. Congrats!!!

Garrett Goulding said...

I think that Bubba and Eva will be awesome cousins. I hope I've taught Bubba well enough. When you find out if it's a boy or a girl, call us. Love you and CONGRATS!!!

MoBo said...

WHO THE HECK IS BLOGGING?!?!? mysterrrrryyyy hahaha


you guys felt that the Reeves' needed to add to the Toutai Awesome this year too? hahaha now only me and lete have to do something awesome.. Phoo! kekeke

I'm so Freakin Excited, I wonder where I will be at! maybe there?? *Bats Eyelashes* hahaha

Awesome pictures, by the by

Sarah said...

Good pictures! And ... are you pregnant?!?!?!

Matt and Suzanne said...

UM yes...wondering the same thing! Missed your posts! So sorry you've been sick! And, are you?!? AHHH!I'd call you but no number :) Hang in there!

Allison said...

Can't wait to meet your 4th child!
Hope you feel better soon, Miriam!

Anonymous said...