Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bubbas B-Day

We are posting some pictures we took of Bubbas Birthday. We got him a scooter with a helmet.
He turned 4 today and the smallest size helmet he fit was 8+, now he wears it alot.
First we went to Chuck-E-Cheeses. Anyone planning on taking their kids to chuck-e-cheeses do not do it on a Friday night.
Then we went home and had birthday cake. This was the only one that wasn't to valentines day overwhelming

Here is a picture of Alexander in his helmet that fits an 8 year old. When we came home from Chuck-E-Cheeses he was screaming about his hat. We finally figured out that he wanted birthday hats. So we got him the ones that are on Daniel's head and everyone had to wear them.

Here is an action shot on the scooter. He is falling on purpose. Apparently if you are wearing your helmet then you are obligated to fall.


Allison said...

I swear, you have the cutest kids!
The girls were just asking about Chuck-E-Cheese the other day, I tried to stall with "We'll see..."

MoBo said...

So Cute! great pictures. The cupcakes look Yum! your weather looks Nice, I am envious, Very much so

Matt and Suzanne said...

How sweet, I love those helmet pictures. Those are classic. That's funny about Chuck-E-Cheese. I always dreamed about going there for my birthday. I don't think we could afford it, I'll bet he loved it!