Friday, February 19, 2010


Not much has changed over here in New Mexico in the Reeves household. I am still as sick as ever. The children still wonder why we don't leave the house much anymore but they know the weekends will be full of fun because Dad's home then. Here are some pictures of pretty much our days of late. We have Jamma days :

and movie days and play puzzle days and of course we watch the olympics not all the events just when there is nothing else to do oh and the mens long program skating. I just found out last night that ice dancing and figure skating are not the same? I don't plan on watching the ice dancing because I mean come on it looks the same as the figure skating. That was a tangent anyway we get a lot of this:

I had a picture of bubba too but I don't know where it is. This doesn't happen all the time just whenever they get into big mischief (actually the mischief happens all the time who am I kidding). Bubba just sits there for his 4 minutes and then we let him out. Eva cries and cries so her time is when she stops crying.

This is a picture of them whenever we put our shoes and coats on to go somewhere.

Oh and this is just a random picture of when Eva lets me do her hair, she actually likes when I do her hair its just hard to keep it in. She let me do a little braid to get that bangs out of her face. (yep that is green dye on the carpet in the back ground)

Oh and of late I love beef stew. Is that weird of what? and fish and chips yum. Oh and I hate the smell of EVERYTHING! However that is a lie I do love the smell of detergent and soap (not perfume soap but like lemon and pinesol) and I LOVE the smell of bleach.


Today I am 3 months


Sarah said...

3 months, YEA!!!! Did you get my email about the supplements?

MoBo said...

DId YOU WATCH THE FIGURE SKATING?!?!? the pairs and mens? WOW, PATRCIK CHAN was the only Canadian I was wanting to win Gold, THAT was a mega upset! but then japan got their first metal WOOOO hahaha anywho...

kekeke Cute Pictures! are you not feeling better at aLL?? how terrible for you. Eva's hair is SO LONG looking hahah you guys are cute


MoBo said...

hahahaha Medal even

Suzanne said...

I LOVE that picture of Eva. Sorry you are sick. Hopefully it will subside soon! 3 months, that's awesome! Can't wait to find out what you are having!!!!

Hera said...

Your family sure is lively. They are lots of work but lots of fun too.