Monday, July 28, 2008

An oldie but a goodie

I was organising all our videos and I came across this one. Sorry its side ways. Enjoy it until Daniel sees it and takes it off.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Eww gross

Ok so this is the 3rd post in the last 24 hours I know I am crazy but I was just looking at my Cherry tomato plant pictures (I take pictures of them so I can see their progress) Anyway there are 17 of them and they are doing well and I noticed the first actual tomatoes growing yesterday. So I was taking close ups of them and as I was reviewing the pictures I noticed there is a SPIDER in my plant. I actually got up close to this plant and there was a spider in it. Its a baby spider but still... Anyway its one of those spiders that looks like flowers when they grow up apparently. I won't kill it because it will eat the bugs but seriously gross. I wont get close to that plant again! But here is the picture.
Oh and there is a picture of the toad that was in the laundry area yesterday, Daniel had to scare it out or I wont do the laundry and then there is a picture of the gecko who lives in our storm shutter who was visiting for the BBQ.
We let her stay because she eats the bugs too. Did you know that these geckos are all female and asexual so they don't need a male gecko to make babies so hopefully this one wont make babies because its always the babies that try to come in the house. Actually they don't try they do come into the house. I hope you all have a wonderful day knowing there are no geckos, toads or flower spiders in your houses.

Its a miracle

I actually have a few minutes to blog today. The kids are both asleep. We had a bbq last night. I actually blogged yesterday during Sunday nap but I took some pictures during our little bbq so I figured I would stick them up before they were the old pictures. We enjoyed our little bbq and I still really like Guam. I haven't become homesick yet but I expect that to happen in the fall when its still hot and not cold and Halloweeny and Thanksgivingy. Oh and that first picture is of Alexander after his rain run with Eva. He kept trying to hold her and get her up when she was crying so I let him sit on the couch and sort of hold her. She did not appreciate that but oh well. Oh and we went to the post office today which was a nightmare because of Alexander but we got two packages in the mail. One from Grandma and Opa Reeves and the other from Christopher, Allison, Maggie Ashlee and Paige. The cutest little girl clothes were inside and we are so excited for when Eva will wear them. Thank you so much. I hope to be able to send out Thank You cards but I don't even go to the grocery store alone so I don't know when those will be sent out. We haven't opened Alexander's packages yet because he is napping but I am sure he will love them!
This ones of Eva and I. She is growing fast but is still tiny compared to Bubba obviously.Alexander loves in when we BBQ because he gets to run around outside like a crazy boy. It actually started raining very hard and I let him run in it (probably not the smartest thing since he has been sick) but I let him and then dried him off quickly afterwards. This picture is of him running. He just runs around and around. I am so glad he can get some of his energy out.Alexander was also dancing a lot last night. This is him stuck in one of his dance poses.

This is obviously Daniel enjoying his steak. Wow its not until I see the pictures that I see how dark he is getting. I don't mind him getting a tan I just worry about the cancer that will come because he doesn't wear sunscreen unless I remind him too.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Us this week

Well this week was better than last and things are getting normal or more on a known schedule now. Not much new this week. Daniel saw dolphins in the ocean twice at the Hilton. (Where my mother and Lete and I went to see if we could see the blue star fish) I am very jealous because I have never seen any. I want to see those and whales. I know they have boat rides for those but I don't know of any fun boat rides with a 2 year old and a 2 month old. Oh well maybe way later in the future we can get a babysitter and go. Oh and a new thing is we can't take Alexander to stores anymore because he turns into the Monster from BiggestBratintheWorldland. He is also starting to think he is an adult now because there is a new baby. Oh how wonderful he has been this last week. Anyway I put some pictures from this week up with little explanations. Enjoy!

Alexander taking his medicine, by himself
Alexander has been taking his medicine by himself this last week and it has been joyous. For the first week I had to shove it down his throat which was not enjoyable for him or me. However Friday was the last day he had to take them all so he is done! Yay. No more running nose infection or coughing so I am hoping this next week will be filled with a happier Bubba. I am going to let him help me wash my car this week. We bought giant sponges and soap. I will give him his own little bucket full of water only and keep a baby monitor in with Eva on her nap.
Eva in her church dress today

I just took this of her after church because she is growing so fast and I can't tell the difference between this one and her newborns but I figure since my mother and sister are the only ones that have seen her I better keep recent photos of her on here so people can see her grow. She sleeps between 4 and 5 hours straight then eats and goes right back to sleep in her crib so things are getting much better. My sanity is slowly returning and the zombie look in my eye is disappearing.

Daniel and Eva on the couch

Everyone napped yesterday (Saturday) so Daniel finally got some much needed rest and I got some much needed time to clean and organise the house. I prefer free time to do that over a nap because I feel better when the house is clean on Sunday and ready for Monday. She was sleeping in his armpit it was very cute.

Alexander's new bed.
He loves it but has a very difficult time taking naps in it because he has so many toys, so now we stick all the toys in his closet and close the door so he is having a better time but its still an adjustment. His sheet has trains on it so he just stares at those and says Twain and choo choo in a high pitched singing voice.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Baby Eva and I

Wow, Mele'ofa just sent me a baby picture of myself and Eva looks just like me. I can't even remember this baby picture but we look exactly the same so take a look. Its crazy because Alexander kind of looked like Daniel but not like this.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

The camera worked

The camera actually decided to sort of work today. Eva is just getting better. Still has coughing fits and Alexander is getting alot better and very full of attitude. Well Here are some pictures I took this Morning. The weird half and half one is an example of what the camera does when freaking out. Its just Eva in her bouncer and the others are of Alexander. I was feeding Eva and Alexander was drawing on himself. He got a hold of one of thoe super sharpies. That was him eating his lunch trying to hide his crime. I laughed for a long time when I saw him because its the first time he didn't draw on everything else, just himself. Anyway thats all Eva is crying now, does want to go to sleep.


Monday, July 14, 2008


I finally feel like a parent. Alexander has been sick since Friday night and its Tuesday morning. It would be fine if it was just a cold but it wasn't. He tossed his cookies Friday night at 12 then had a fever all night. Then he had a fever all Saturday that kept coming and going every few hours. He cried a lot and wouldn't eat or drink. Then he had a fever all night Saturday and started his runny nose and coughing a lot. Then he had a fever all Sunday and started getting crankier and crankier. The fever kept going all Sunday night into Monday morning and he started getting the shakes. He refused to sleep in his bed or our bed so I was on the couch with him all Sunday night into Monday morning getting an hour of sleep here and there when he did. His fever went down after I gave him Tylenol but would go back up to 102 when it wore off. This happened all weekend. So I finally called the pediatrician. He got us in Monday afternoon at 5. We found out he seems to have athsma or however you spell that and it's trigger is a runny nose. He also started getting an ear infection. So he is on three medications right now because the doctor said he is more aggressive with it because if you hit it hard in the beginning it will go away faster and wont come back as much over the years. Alexander was so exhausted last night from not sleeping more than an hour at a time for the last three days that he slept the whole night in his bed ( I am sure the medication helped too). I finally got some sleep last night too and I hope this doesn't happen again any time soon because I was up with Eva and then Alexander too. It became too much, that is why I called the doctor finally. The only good thing about this whole thing was that some how they didn't cry at the same time .I would get ALexander to calm down and go to sleep for a bit and then Eva would wake up and I would get her fed and changed and calm and asleep then Alexander would get up again. I didn't mention Daniel in this but he helped a lot over the weekend taking Alexander in the nights and sleeping in the other room with him when he would. I wanted Daniel to get a good nights sleep on Sunday night so he could work the next day and thats when I got no sleep at all. I can feel myself getting sick for the lack of sleep and now Eva's nose is blocked up again. This is the first time I have felt like a parent overwhelmed. I am sure it gets way worse over time but wow I don't want to experience this again for a long time or at least until Eva starts sleeping 6 hours straight so I can be ready for an experience like this and not already exhausted before it starts.
P.S no pictures because the camera is broken still and all you would see was sick children.

Monday, July 7, 2008

The 4th continued

The first picture is the spot Magellan landed in Guam. He stopped in Guam on one of his trips around the globe and then he stopped in Fiji after us and they killed him. The Picture of me Lete and Bubba is at an old spanish fort with its old cannons. The picture of Lete with the white statue is the sad monument for Magellan. We drove back and forth trying to find it and it was actually at the first place I stopped. It was well hidden and not very big considering its a monument for Magellan. I mean the monument for the pope that visited is like huge and even rotates (well it used to until it broke and no one will fix it) so yeah I guess world history isn't seen as important here!!!. The picture with Daniel and the coconut is Daniel getting a coconut for me. We finally found a coco palm short enough to get one without climbing. My mother had to help me peel it. it was very difficult the green stuff on the outside is extremely strong. The last picture is of my mum and Lete sitting on the painted stone showing Talofofo Falls. We didn't get to go there because when we went they were closing and you have to pay to get in to hike to it which is dumb. So maybe later daniel and I will go with the kids and hike it. We didn't get to see the famous replica cave of Yokoi the Japanese soldier who survived for 30 something years here without being found. The day was really fun.
On another note my mother and sister left Sunday evening and monday morning the rainy season began. It is pouring right now still and the thunder last night was so loud!! I think it is because of the Ocean because I have never heard it that loud anywhere. Well thats all for now. We are fine here.
Oh I forgot I think our camera really is broken now so I am not sure when you will see more pictures. It does funny things and puts lines all over the picture and shows no part of the picture and a new camera is not on the list of stuff we plan to get in the next few weeks so the next pictures of Eva and Alexander might be of her really old looking instead of newborn looking.

Our 4th of July

Well my mother and sister left on Sunday and it is Tuesday today. On Friday we drove around the Island and saw some of the sights. Here are some of the pictures. I will upload some more later but there are internal errors or something. The first picture is of some old Japanese World War II guns. The second is at the same place but with Alexander and my mother. The third and forth are of my mother and Daniel and Alexander riding on a water buffalo. His name is Frank. THere are what the Spanish brought to Guam hundreds of years ago and there are still quite a few on the Island today. I was not daring enough to ride, neither was Lete but everyone else did. Then the last picture is on Lete took when we stopped on the side of the road. We are sad that my mother and Lete are gone but glad that they came. They were such and big help for me so I will really miss them. Alexander cried a lot when he realised that they were gone but he is doing better now.
I will have to blog more later but those are some of the sights we saw on Friday the 4th of July ( we didn't see any fireworks).