Sunday, July 27, 2008

Eww gross

Ok so this is the 3rd post in the last 24 hours I know I am crazy but I was just looking at my Cherry tomato plant pictures (I take pictures of them so I can see their progress) Anyway there are 17 of them and they are doing well and I noticed the first actual tomatoes growing yesterday. So I was taking close ups of them and as I was reviewing the pictures I noticed there is a SPIDER in my plant. I actually got up close to this plant and there was a spider in it. Its a baby spider but still... Anyway its one of those spiders that looks like flowers when they grow up apparently. I won't kill it because it will eat the bugs but seriously gross. I wont get close to that plant again! But here is the picture.
Oh and there is a picture of the toad that was in the laundry area yesterday, Daniel had to scare it out or I wont do the laundry and then there is a picture of the gecko who lives in our storm shutter who was visiting for the BBQ.
We let her stay because she eats the bugs too. Did you know that these geckos are all female and asexual so they don't need a male gecko to make babies so hopefully this one wont make babies because its always the babies that try to come in the house. Actually they don't try they do come into the house. I hope you all have a wonderful day knowing there are no geckos, toads or flower spiders in your houses.


Laura said...

Thank you! I'm totally flattered that you read my blog and even more flattered that you enjoy it. Good luck with the wildlife. I am adding you to my blog list right now.

Sarah said...

Lots of new posts! YEA! I love reading your guys' blog. Yeah, I figured you guys aren't going to be coming to visit us anytime soon since you're so far away. Too bad! We're only going to be here another year ... and then ... who knows? Off to another adventure. I enjoyed all the new pics you put up and I'm glad everyone in your house is feeling better.