Saturday, July 26, 2008

Us this week

Well this week was better than last and things are getting normal or more on a known schedule now. Not much new this week. Daniel saw dolphins in the ocean twice at the Hilton. (Where my mother and Lete and I went to see if we could see the blue star fish) I am very jealous because I have never seen any. I want to see those and whales. I know they have boat rides for those but I don't know of any fun boat rides with a 2 year old and a 2 month old. Oh well maybe way later in the future we can get a babysitter and go. Oh and a new thing is we can't take Alexander to stores anymore because he turns into the Monster from BiggestBratintheWorldland. He is also starting to think he is an adult now because there is a new baby. Oh how wonderful he has been this last week. Anyway I put some pictures from this week up with little explanations. Enjoy!

Alexander taking his medicine, by himself
Alexander has been taking his medicine by himself this last week and it has been joyous. For the first week I had to shove it down his throat which was not enjoyable for him or me. However Friday was the last day he had to take them all so he is done! Yay. No more running nose infection or coughing so I am hoping this next week will be filled with a happier Bubba. I am going to let him help me wash my car this week. We bought giant sponges and soap. I will give him his own little bucket full of water only and keep a baby monitor in with Eva on her nap.
Eva in her church dress today

I just took this of her after church because she is growing so fast and I can't tell the difference between this one and her newborns but I figure since my mother and sister are the only ones that have seen her I better keep recent photos of her on here so people can see her grow. She sleeps between 4 and 5 hours straight then eats and goes right back to sleep in her crib so things are getting much better. My sanity is slowly returning and the zombie look in my eye is disappearing.

Daniel and Eva on the couch

Everyone napped yesterday (Saturday) so Daniel finally got some much needed rest and I got some much needed time to clean and organise the house. I prefer free time to do that over a nap because I feel better when the house is clean on Sunday and ready for Monday. She was sleeping in his armpit it was very cute.

Alexander's new bed.
He loves it but has a very difficult time taking naps in it because he has so many toys, so now we stick all the toys in his closet and close the door so he is having a better time but its still an adjustment. His sheet has trains on it so he just stares at those and says Twain and choo choo in a high pitched singing voice.


meleofa said...

How adventurous life is, ey? Sounds like Bubba is doing way better than Miaya did when we put her in her big bed. hahahaha. so fun, though. sounds like he's going to be quite the handy helper: taking his medicine, washing the car, feeling like he should be an adult because he has a little sister. hahaha. i love it. and Eva is so cute. what's her personality like so far? give them hugs and kisses for us.

MiriamR said...

I spoke too soon. Daniel called this morning (MOnday) and I talked to him for about 5 minutes and Alexander found the only marker in the house! and drew ALL OVER the couches. on every single one with permanent marker. It has taken me a long time to try to clean and its still not coming off. He is in timeout and crying.

Melisa said...

Miriam your last comment is so funny. that's exactly how it goes. you look away for 1 minute and they are all into something they are not supposed to be in. Victoria is into raiding our fridge while we are still sleeping!! Mana did the exact same thing so I must have that in my genes hahahaha.

MoBo said...

BAHAHAHAHAH at all yous comments, raiding the fridge hahahah toutai's pshh hahaha. hahahah alexander did a naughty