Monday, July 7, 2008

Our 4th of July

Well my mother and sister left on Sunday and it is Tuesday today. On Friday we drove around the Island and saw some of the sights. Here are some of the pictures. I will upload some more later but there are internal errors or something. The first picture is of some old Japanese World War II guns. The second is at the same place but with Alexander and my mother. The third and forth are of my mother and Daniel and Alexander riding on a water buffalo. His name is Frank. THere are what the Spanish brought to Guam hundreds of years ago and there are still quite a few on the Island today. I was not daring enough to ride, neither was Lete but everyone else did. Then the last picture is on Lete took when we stopped on the side of the road. We are sad that my mother and Lete are gone but glad that they came. They were such and big help for me so I will really miss them. Alexander cried a lot when he realised that they were gone but he is doing better now.
I will have to blog more later but those are some of the sights we saw on Friday the 4th of July ( we didn't see any fireworks).

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meleofa said...

you brave souls riding the water buffalo! that looks wild, but cool too. poor alexander! he's such a sweet kid, ey? cutie pie. we miss him. miaya asks about him a lot. hahaha. give him a hug and kiss from all of us. :)