Monday, June 30, 2008

Doctor's Appointment

Today was Eva's 2 week wellness appointment. Here are her stats:
Birth Now
7.4 lbs 7.14 lbs
18 inches 19.5 inches

Well those are pretty much it. We wont be able to do the whole percentile thing because the babies here are generally smaller so the results would not be accurate. That is what Eva's doctor said anyway. She is doing fine. She is sick like me (just a cold) but he said that is completely normal and that anything I catch she will catch too. Which means I have to watch my health (uh oh) but um I think that is all he said. He is a funny guy and explains everything in lamens terms. Oh and she had her first real bath last night. She screamed the entire time, I didn't take pictures because it was not that cute, just a bunch of screaming and a red baby screaming. She loves to wear her clothes hates diaper changes. Just the normal things. I think she is a little quicker than Alexander was already.
On another note we are thinking about Potty training Alexander soon. I will start the starting stuff next week or maybe after girls camp when things settle down to normal again. I went to Kmart to look at a potty and they are all pretty fancy. I think I want a plain one for him so he doesn't get too distracted by it. They even had singing potty which is rather strange to me he hasn't shown much interest in singing so far so I am not sure that would help him at all. Anyway so wish us luck and post any tips in the comments on potty training if you have any. My mother says he is showing all the signs. He goes around yelling about poop randomly when he does it and well probably for 10 minutes before he even does so we will get him a potty and not force him but teach him. Ok that is what is happening with the kids.
Daniel got ANOTHER calling and was not released from this one. Its District Executive secretary which wouldn't be bad but here is the bad thing, one of the branches is in Siapan so I hope he doesn't leave that much to go there. I have no help on Sunday mornings anymore so I will have to get up a bit earlier and try to get to church on time, I think he will be with me in church so that should be ok. Anway that is all for now, life is good.


The Manley's - Marshall, Nany and Max said...

Hello Reeves family. I love to see your pics and I'm happy you guys are doing well. Hope to see you soon!

mcBailor said...

We made it to cali! Moving was the most exhausting couple of days, I would almost equal it with having a baby. Moving with children is not fun. I don't think I have ever seen Ryan so tired. (And that's saying a lot.) Drama as usual when one moves... but nothing too crazy. I need to blog, but I can't find pictures. I might just put my two cents in.

She's growing so fast! Noah was that way too. I can't believe he is practically crawling. The Young Men's President gave Ryan's name to the bishop already. We haven't even gone to the ward yet! Anyway, I'll blog and spare you reading all of the details twice.
Love Ya Lots, and we miss you guys terribly. I know Ryan has been having a hard time with Daniel being gone, but I think that moving ourselves is a good distraction.