Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Our Camera

Hi Everyone,
Well our camera is broken. Sometimes it works we have no idea what happened. Alexander would swing it around and smash the screen but it was still intact and working fine until a few days ago. Some kind of mechanical error, I don't know if moisture got in or if the batterie is over or just nothing and it broken. SOOOO I have no idea how much we will blog on here now, probably still a good amount but good luck getting pictures of Eva when she comes, maybe my mother will get here before Eva does and we can use their camera. We will see. I registered at the hospital and the crib comes here today so it is an exciting day, we are officially or technically ready for the baby. We still have many things we need to get but we have the essentials for a week of a new born.

Today Alexander and I (Miriam) went swimming at the pool for play group. He loved it and was good all day. Hopefully he wont be too tormented by this new baby. He has no idea she is coming but I hope he does well with it. We tell him Eva or the baby is in my stomach but I think he thinks it means he has a baby in his stomach too because he often points to his belly and says baby. I think he will enjoy her company when she gets a bit bigger and he can play with her. Less boredom around the house for him.

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Sarah said...

Cute story about him pointing to his belly and saying baby. I'm sure he'll adore her, especially when she gets a bit older. I hope you get your camera fixed or you can use your mom's 'cause I can't wait to see pics!