Monday, June 23, 2008

Eva in her church dress and the rain

Here are some pictures of Eva in her dress, her first trip to church. THere are some with Daniel and Alexander with her. Daniel chose the dress for her and I think he did a good job. She is still so small she hardly fits anything yet. The last picture is of Alexander in his gum boots in the rain today. He loves the rain and it is still raining but I made him come inside.



meleofa said...

I think that is the best picture of Bubba EVER! i love it so much!

unnurwear said...

Good job picking a cute a h dress Daniel! you guys are just the cutest!and I agree with Meleofa, that picture of Bubba is priceless!
ohh and Miriam, send any single guys my way! serious, I am getting desperate here! :D

Mitch said...

hi its mitch...britt gets them really cheap like a couple bucks from her cousins husbands sister. What colors do you like we will send you some. Whats your address in Guam?

Sarah said...

Good job Daniel on picking the dress! She looks cute in it, even if she is tiny. And that is the cutest picture of Bubba in the rain, in his boots!