Saturday, June 28, 2008

Things that go "Bump" in the night.

So we had 2 visitors the other night, a couple of toads. We thought the first one was big then we met his older bigger brother. He was the biggest toad I have ever seen. In one of the pictures I am holding a toad shaped sprinkler, the second toad was just as big as it. You can kind of see that in one of the pictures where I put the fake toad next to the real one. I found the first one, it was just on the driveway, then miriam found the second one it was snooping around our washing machine. Enjoy!


meleofa said...

those are massive! that isn't right that they get so big! how cool, though. are they loud? and how do they get in the house? wowee. great pics. hahhaha

Sarah said...

Oh yeah, those guys are HUGE! Great pictures!

Chelsea said...

Oh My Gosh, those are disgusting!