Monday, June 30, 2008

Last Week

Last week we went and saw some things. We went to Pirates cove and they have a whole bunch of those wooden cut out stick you head in it things. The first picture is of my mother with Alexander. The Next picture is at the Hilton nature trail where Daniel works. We went to try to see some blue starfish from the little cliff but none were out that day. Then we trekked to Gun Beach on Saturday. It wasn't that much of a hike, but you see a lot on the little hike and its kind of steep in some places. Alexander was in a pack on Daniel's back so that is why he isn't in this picture. The last two pictures are on Eva in her new church dress that her Amma gave her (Amma means grandmother in Icelandic). We have been doing a lot and will probably slow it down. We are hoping to get a drive around the Island in before they go. Daniel works on the 4th so we can't do it that day but we will see. We will need to go see Yokoi cave ( I am sure I spelled that wrong) Thats the cave where the Japanese Soldier lived for 30 years after WWII because he didn't want to get caught and tortured. Then we still need to go and see the Magellan site. He stopped here on his last trip. After Guam he went to Fiji where he was killed. So we have been having fun but taking breaks everyday in between.


Sarah said...

Wow, I didn't realize there was so much to see and do on such a small island. I love the pictures!

Mable said...

Wow I am really impressed with how active you guys are. I am also impressed with how long Eva's legs are. They go forever!