Thursday, June 5, 2008

Daniels Job

I am just posting a few pictures of me at Work. This is Daniel by the way. I really enjoy the work aspect of my job. I enjoy being outside and not stuck in the office all day, but having the office option available to me if it gets to hot outside. What I really like about the job is seeing the success of my work, being able to see the fruits of my labors. It is just nice to see accomplishments from my crew and me. What I don't like about my work is trying to please 3 or 4 different people on the same project who all have different opinions about how the Landscaping should be done. For example in the last picture it is a beautiful potted Bougainvillea bush on the pool deck at one of the properties I work at. I think it looks beautiful, and that is after weeks or months of training my crew how to prune for flowers, fertilizing, and water stressing it just a little to get maximum flowers. Apparently now it needs to be trimmed down to just twigs because it looks "overgrown". So this is what I deal with on a daily basis at my job. And it is not enough that I have to satisfy 3 or 4 different opinions at each property, sometimes those opinions change. Oh well, as long as the properties look good to me.

The other pictures are of some coconut tree pruning we do around the poolside at our properties. Normally we use a bucket truck because it is way more efficient. When we can't though we go up the trees. You will notice the one picture of me being a great supervisor. My hands were sweating just watching him go up the tree. In another picture you will see one of the guys truly enjoying the fruits of his labor. It was funny because this was one of the last trees we were doing and there was a crowd watching us prune and knock the coconuts off (apparently the hotels really worry about coconuts falling off trees and hitting a guest in the head) and when one of workers opened one up and drank from it all the guests came over and asked of they could try one. So there we were cutting off coconut tops so guest could drink from them. One of these days I am going to get trained on climbing trees and soon you will see Daniel up in a tree pruning the coconuts.


Sarah said...

Aaah, looks gorgeous there. And Daniel, I think you would make an excellent tree-climber/coconut getter!

Mable said...

I love coconut water. They say it's really good for your stomach too. So maybe when you get so stressed out from having to please so many people, you could just drink some coconut water to help calm your stomach.

Andrew said...

So from what I can point and tell people what to prune, water, or clean....sounds tough. Goodluck anyways (and don't worry, it's srill way tougher than geoff's job)

MoBo said...

You know dad can do that? AWESOME huh? flippin cool if you ask me, You should learn how to do that daniel, then you would be flippin cool awesome too.

loves yous