Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wellness visit

We went to the Doctor today and Eva is FINALLY all caught up on her immunizations for the first time since she was 6 months old! I would advise anyone out there not to space them out too long because she was kicking and flinching and all that. Jamison didn't like his but he just laid there crying no kicking. Then he had to get blood drawn. Saddest thing ever. He was pretty angry and who would blame him. So we are all well over here. Jamison has finally slowed down on his growth. He is in the 50s for height and weight and 99% for his head. I think all the crawling has made him maintain his weight.

The Dr. Said Eva is very expressive. She has had a sore throat and cough for a few weeks and she complained that her voice hurt. I told the doctor and he was so impressed by that description because he said its the exact area where it would hurt. I think she is getting better and we will finally get her back to dance class tomorrow. Horray for healthy children. They got their flu shots so hopefully that will actually help this year. Now onto a wonderful month of fall prep.


When Eva plays with Jamison...

This happens. Jamison loves it in there and Eva likes to open the door to let him in.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Its done!

This chest is done. Wohoo!

It was a beast and now its not YAY.

details on the work here

Oh and its a Franklin Shockey Cedar Chest from Lexington North Carolina

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Autumn is in the air

I am so excited for Autumn! We pulled out the Halloween boxes and were trying to figure out costumes and put some decorations up. I realize some people think its too early for halloween decor but luckily I am not one of those people. We had a try on session.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hard Labor Day

We were in Utah for the long weekend for a fantastic project! I am sooo happy they got it finished. I was very impressed by all the hard work that went into it! Ralph did SOOO much prep work. Landscaping work is HARD labor. I was extremely impressed on Monday. They all worked so hard and worked until after dark only taking breaks to eat. Here is a before shot, this is before any prep work:

Then Ralph did a thousand hours of prep work. Then they all got together to move and lay the pavers. I must say I am jealous of these pavers, they are exactly what I would pick.

Ralph shoveling sand:

Daniel and Joel working:

Dave leveling every layer (gravel then sand) with his EYES and getting it exactly right! Daniel told me on the way home that he didn't think they would have finished the second patio if Dave hadn't done all that. It made the paver placement go by much faster.
Some more hard work. I hope Tyler is still alive after all that work with injuries! Andrew was the stone cutter. I was really impressed with his cuts and little waste!

Then Kendall got stuck with Daniel:

Then there was a lot of hard work and sweat and the sun went down and came back up and then went down again and then there was this (click on it for a better picture):

It is pretty much a court yard patio that is stunning. I think they really love it. I would too.

They also got the master patio finished too:

We went to Utah so Daniel could help with the patio before the summer was over so mission accomplished! I also got to relax and see everyone out there. It was a nice trip. Packed to the brink but still very nice. Here are some pictures of the kids during the process:

Eva didn't like the sound of the saw and the plate tamper so her ears were covered most of the time. I found a solution:
Jamison was watching Daniel work on the master patio

When Jamison woke up from his nap on labor day he wanted to watch Daniel work. He stood at that window for a really long time and chattered

It was cute so I took another shot

Patio all finished. The kids liked playing on it.

What a great experience. I saw so much great work ethic and I was just amazed. I felt for all of them because I hauled all our pavers for our patio and I felt dead by the end of the night. Good Job guys!