Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wellness visit

We went to the Doctor today and Eva is FINALLY all caught up on her immunizations for the first time since she was 6 months old! I would advise anyone out there not to space them out too long because she was kicking and flinching and all that. Jamison didn't like his but he just laid there crying no kicking. Then he had to get blood drawn. Saddest thing ever. He was pretty angry and who would blame him. So we are all well over here. Jamison has finally slowed down on his growth. He is in the 50s for height and weight and 99% for his head. I think all the crawling has made him maintain his weight.

The Dr. Said Eva is very expressive. She has had a sore throat and cough for a few weeks and she complained that her voice hurt. I told the doctor and he was so impressed by that description because he said its the exact area where it would hurt. I think she is getting better and we will finally get her back to dance class tomorrow. Horray for healthy children. They got their flu shots so hopefully that will actually help this year. Now onto a wonderful month of fall prep.



Maliana said...

poor little ones! but im glad you guys are doing well, hope it continues for the sicky season!

Hera said...

Gott að heyra að öllum líður betur. Eva er kannski eins og mamman þegar hún sér sprautur haha.
Why do they get flu shots? All of you never did and you were all quite healthy. I know I need flu shots because I have diabetes. You just reminded me to go get one.
Love to everyone.

MiriamR said...

I really don't know why we get flu shots. I got my first one last year and got the flu! but last year they wanted me to get one because of the h1n1 and Jamison being new