Monday, September 19, 2011

Its done!

This chest is done. Wohoo!

It was a beast and now its not YAY.

details on the work here

Oh and its a Franklin Shockey Cedar Chest from Lexington North Carolina


Suzanne said...

OH Miriam, that looks sooo beautiful! I want it! Good job, you have major skills. I am happy to see you are excited about fall as I am. :)

Suzie said...

It is beautiful! When I saw the "It's done!" and a picture of the green chest with the stickers I was like... "not your usual style, Miriam" ha. I love it. I'm sure it goes so well in your house.

Line'sLucky3 said...

I still look at the house across the street and wish you were there. I miss you. BTW...when I move back to the states I'm going to drive down to NM and buy all your projects! =)

Hera said...

Mjög falleg kista. Þú mátt gera eina handa mér :)
Allt sem þú gerir er svo fallegt.

MoBo said...

totes amazing! really beautiful. I am going to come around your ways to learn some things huhuhu