Monday, July 15, 2013

when we were in utah last

We went on mini family history tour and it was so much fun! We saw a monument that had one of Daniel's Ancestors on it William Young. Here we are standing in front of it, Beckams in there too :) Thats all.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Today was a day

 Eva face planted onto the tile and it looks bad. Her nose is swollen so I am going to take her in somewhere tomorrow with all the kids and hope we survive. Oh its Valentines day tomorrow. Here is what Alexander made at school.
I asked him if he came up with it himself or if someone else told him to write it and he said he came up with it himself. Its kind of a funny pick up line but sweet too. I also forgot to mention it was Alexander's birthday yesterday. Our Wii broke so I told Alexander he could have a new wii or a birthday party and he chose the new wii. Then we found out the power cable was broken on the old wii and works fine so we have two wii's now. The kids have a five day weekend and I am uber sick so we are going to be playing a lot of wii this long weekend.

We have both parent teacher conferences today and they are both doing well. We really like their teachers. Alexander has progressed so much just this last year and we are so glad.

Jamison is a little nutty. He is lovable but extremely quick at everything he does. He can find new and exiting experiences everywhere he goes and usually within 10 seconds.  I hope he calms down a little in the future. Anyway it was a get through it and breath again tomorrow kind of day. So we will be breathing again tomorrow. I need to make some time for some projects as I have found this week there is no extra time for projects. When there is no time you just have to squeeze some out of somewhere. Until next time.


Monday, February 11, 2013

Its 2013

Thats right its 2013. I have decided I will start being a diligent person again and restart the blogging. I got a new laptop for my birthday last year and I told myself I would start blogging well 5 months later and yes I believe I will start now. Life is GOOD. It really is. We are extremely blessed and happy. So now I need to start blogging and sharing again so that people outside of New Mexico know we are alive and kicking over here. That means I have to start taking photos again. Oh to be on the ball again... I have a desire to start painting rooms again and redoing some furniture. I guess Miriam is back and ready to well do stuff :)
Right now isn't the best time though, I need to finish tidying the house for seminary in the morning and then get some decorations packed up for the Ward Valentines Dance tomorrow night. There is never a dull moment in the Reeves' household. Lets cross our fingers that I will return within the week rather than just within the year.