Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Life is good

We have been very busy with projects around here. Daniel put up a retaining wall in the back yard and the progress there is great! Eva has started using the potty and is doing very well! Jamison has been super grumpy which is not his style and today he cut a tooth!! So yes life is good. Alexander has also been diligently learning his sounds for all the letters of the alphabet (something they need to start kindergarden) so we are happy. Its spring and conference is this weekend so yes life is good.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Best of Craigslist

We were looking through craigslist and I noticed a "best of craigslist" section so we found this. Its an actual craigslist posting. We were laughing so hard.

Free Cello

Date: 2010-12-13, 7:32PM

So my sister gave me this cello a couple years ago. It's a nice cello. Actually, it's a great cello. It's probably the best cello, but I don't really know much about cellos. Also the neck snapped off. Of the cello. So it's really more like 3/4's of a cello, but the other 1/4's still there, it's just not attached. It's kind of like you're getting two cellos, only one of them doesn't have a body and the other doesn't have a neck. But if you stand them up next to each other it's like old times. You could probably fix it with like some music glue or something like that.
She also gave me a cello bag that I can give to you too, now that I won't have a cello. It's a really nice cello bag. You can fit everything in it. Actually, there might even be a bow in the bag, I'm not sure. I don't want you to think that there's 100% a bow in the bag. It's way over there, I can't check right now. But if it's in there it's yours.
If you're like me and you don't know how to play the cello then you could use it as a coin bank. It's hollow and there are two S's on the front that you could drop the coins through. Then when it's filled up you could drop it off of your roof or carry it around like a change purse. Ooh, in the cello bag. It'd be like a cello purse. I'd do it but I'm moving across the country and it won't fit in my car. What else could you do with it. You could saw the front off and use it as a sled. Or give the neck to a baby as like a wizard stick for Christmas. Totally give this cello to someone for Christmas. Or Hanukkah.
Please come get it. I'm in Echo Park. I'd actually go somewhere to meet you if wherever we're going is a cool place. Like the desert or something.
I'm 90% certain the bow's in there.

  • Location: Echo Park
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Original URL: http://www.craigslist.org/about/best/lax/2111720687.html

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Reeves weekly

This last week was busy sort of. Alexander had spring break which meant I went a little nuts with all the kids at home all day long. However we have officially started on our yard! Daniel put in the sprinkler system for the grass!! Wohoo and he just needs to put in the drips for the trees and bushes and other stuff. We have been shopping pavers and stone for walls and those kinds of things. I have been shopping lighting. Daniel has checked out of the inside of the house and so the lighting is all up to me. I plan on putting ceiling fans in every room upstairs because it gets hot up here in the summer and well summer is upon us!! I am going for the chrome, nickel, silver finish. I don't want to be too picky but I am kind of picky about it already!! I found a chandelier at Good Will for 7.99 and I hope it works. If it doesn't I am out 7.99 so not a big deal there.

Jamison has been sick. He generally doesn't get sick so it has been sad to see the little guy with the runny nose and watery eyes and coughing. He is a trooper though because he keeps smiling and acting happy.

here he is acting happy, we forced him to come to lowes to look at their pavers :) he is just learning to sit in the cart

Eva's face might be getting better who knows. Oh but a GREAT thing is she has used the potty a few times. Her potty training has been a bit nightmarish for me but I have been waiting for the good weather so we can do it outside and Daniel got her to start using the potty on Saturday!! I was out grocery and Lowes shopping and he had all the kids!! (Jamison was sleeping) he kept forcing (she loved it) Eva to drink soda all morning while they were outside and so she kept having to go potty and she DID IT! So Daniel was watching all the kids, installing the sprinklers and potty training Eva!! He is talented.

just riding bikes in the sand pit(also known as our yard)

We got the soda drinking tip from our neighbors and well I am very grateful for it. I tried all the things all the books and videos said and so far this is the only thing that has worked so we will continue with it this week.

That is pretty much it. Alexander helping dad dig all summered up in his shorts

Oh and I have started blogging my projects over at Prudent Projects
its very fun for me although I need to make a HUGE todo list for the summer because my mind is all over the place. I need to get lighting all switched out, Eva potty trained, Alexander into soccer and other things and well run the regular household oh and find the odds and ends furniture I still need for my house! Its going to be a vigorous summer!

I love staying busy but this last week made me tired. Not to mention daylight savings. I have never been so affected by it. I keep having dinner late and putting the kids down late and waking up late!! I definitely need to go buy and watch and alarm clock!!

until next time :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jamson learning how to flip over

Jamison now knows how to flip over! The scary part is that he will flip over a few times to get the stranded toy three feet away. I have a feeling he is going to be the most energetic kid in the universe. This is going to be a busy year with little ones. Anyway here he is on one of his forced tummy times so that he could start to learn flipping. He didn't quite get it for a while. Eva and Alexander are just playing in the background

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Im doing it!

Starting another blog that is. I of course will keep this one too for updates and well what I have been doing all along here but I am starting another blog that will just be for my projects. I planned to do this when we started the house but well being pregnant and all it wasn't a high priority. ANYWAY Daniel told me I should do it. I think he really just wants me to clear out the garage of all the projects that need to be done. I think this is what I need (and the warm weather) to get me going on all the things that still need to be done in this house. I feel like it will keep me accountable to myself for all the things I want to get done.

We are now done with all the cosmetic surgery in the house (painted, stairs, floors) and now its time for the accessories (all the stuff that makes it feel cozy and beautiful) My first tasks involve furniture and mirrors and well lots of other stuff. Its going to be Here going to be is the important part of the sentance. My goal is to have it all set up and running by next week!! Wohoo. You will see all my deep dark secrets about just how cheap I really am when it comes to well everything. K thats all.

OH and Our stairs were featured on this blog:


This is one of my favorite blogs for inspiration and motivation. I see the stuff on there and say I CAN DO THAT TOO!!

K wish me luck.

Last Week, sick and Jamison update

We apologize for the lack of posts last week but this house was under the sickness. This was one of those horrible you don't know what to do sicknesses. Eva started last Sunday night with weezing and having a hard time breathing and then coughing from her lungs and screaming in pain. This was for two nights and then just coughing and non appetite. I kept thinking about going to the ER when she couldn't breath but I worried I would be waiting there for 4 hours without being seen by a doctor and then going to a room finally and waiting another 2 hours then being told its not serious go home and I didn't really want to do that because that would make her worse. We called our nurse hotline and were told to use cool mist humidifier and tylenol and and honey she was able to sleep a bit that first night. It wasn't working that well so we bought a warm mist humidifier and ding ding ding that is what they needed. Then ALexander got it and he was screaming out in pain a lot and I was up all night worried they were not breathing so yeah it was a HORRIBLE week. They finally got better on Sunday night. Their coughs were hardly there. We went to the doctor yesterday for wellness visits and Eva is fine so yeah. I came out the worst during this because I was exhausted and cabin fever but I am feeling happy now that Alexander went to school yesterday and Eva is happy again. Luckily Jamison didn't get it at all!! Daniel started to get it but with forced sleep gatorade and orange juice he was able to stop it early.

This was Eva when we put her back in her room (she was in our room on her mattress on the floor for 3 days) we put a portable dvd player on the chair for entertainment.

This was the first morning Alexander started to feel sick (wednesday) He was SOOO happy because Eva was getting special treatment for being sick and he kept saying he was sick when he wasn't (he finally got sick and jumped in our bed (literally) but he wasn't too happy when the full sickness came and he couldn't breath and it felt like his lungs were getting ripped to shreds.
Having two extremely sick kids and a 6 month old doesn't mix well with my ability to run back and forth. So in the mornings I would feed Jamison and stick him in my bed. Alexander loved having someone to talk to and Jamison loved being right next to Alexander. So I gave Jamison his blanky and he kept falling asleep (Jamison loves our bed and he LOVES LOVES LOVES his blanky, falling asleep not in his bed is NOT normal for him) Here are some shots of Jamison through the week.

He has learned to sit up without falling over much (hence the pillows behind him)
He has learned that his thumb is a LOVELY thing to stick in his mouth
He has learned he loves Daddy . He loves sitting in his lap, looking at him, playing with him and smiling at him.
Oh and Jamison is now 6 months old! He is a healthy boy (I mean he didn't even get sick through all that!!)

He weighs 19lbs 8 ounces 90% for weigh
He is 27 inches tall 75% for height
and his head is still more than the 95th%

He now fully fits the 12 month old clothes some have extra foot room but I can barely zip his pjs at the chest and some clothes are just too tight at the chest. I think he has a very broad and large chest and shoulders. He is as cute as ever, there is this little book thing on the exersaucer (Meleofa's that we still haven't returned... sorry Meleofa we promise to bring it out next time we are in Utah!!) he likes to flip through it and look at the pictures!! Anyway he is ready for stage 2 solids! so any tips on how to make those from home would be great. I have never been big on the baby food jars but I can't remember how to do stage 2 foods. I think I need a blender.

So yeah not a good week but it made me really appreciate the healthy times no matter how messy :)