Monday, March 21, 2011

Reeves weekly

This last week was busy sort of. Alexander had spring break which meant I went a little nuts with all the kids at home all day long. However we have officially started on our yard! Daniel put in the sprinkler system for the grass!! Wohoo and he just needs to put in the drips for the trees and bushes and other stuff. We have been shopping pavers and stone for walls and those kinds of things. I have been shopping lighting. Daniel has checked out of the inside of the house and so the lighting is all up to me. I plan on putting ceiling fans in every room upstairs because it gets hot up here in the summer and well summer is upon us!! I am going for the chrome, nickel, silver finish. I don't want to be too picky but I am kind of picky about it already!! I found a chandelier at Good Will for 7.99 and I hope it works. If it doesn't I am out 7.99 so not a big deal there.

Jamison has been sick. He generally doesn't get sick so it has been sad to see the little guy with the runny nose and watery eyes and coughing. He is a trooper though because he keeps smiling and acting happy.

here he is acting happy, we forced him to come to lowes to look at their pavers :) he is just learning to sit in the cart

Eva's face might be getting better who knows. Oh but a GREAT thing is she has used the potty a few times. Her potty training has been a bit nightmarish for me but I have been waiting for the good weather so we can do it outside and Daniel got her to start using the potty on Saturday!! I was out grocery and Lowes shopping and he had all the kids!! (Jamison was sleeping) he kept forcing (she loved it) Eva to drink soda all morning while they were outside and so she kept having to go potty and she DID IT! So Daniel was watching all the kids, installing the sprinklers and potty training Eva!! He is talented.

just riding bikes in the sand pit(also known as our yard)

We got the soda drinking tip from our neighbors and well I am very grateful for it. I tried all the things all the books and videos said and so far this is the only thing that has worked so we will continue with it this week.

That is pretty much it. Alexander helping dad dig all summered up in his shorts

Oh and I have started blogging my projects over at Prudent Projects
its very fun for me although I need to make a HUGE todo list for the summer because my mind is all over the place. I need to get lighting all switched out, Eva potty trained, Alexander into soccer and other things and well run the regular household oh and find the odds and ends furniture I still need for my house! Its going to be a vigorous summer!

I love staying busy but this last week made me tired. Not to mention daylight savings. I have never been so affected by it. I keep having dinner late and putting the kids down late and waking up late!! I definitely need to go buy and watch and alarm clock!!

until next time :)


Derek & Melanie said...

I'm so glad the soda trick is working for Eva. How wonderful! Good luck with all your to-do's. Derek has put up and taken down so many ceiling fans in the house's we've been in. If you want his help let us now.

Hera said...

I am not sorry but I cringe when I hear people giving little kids soda. It´s no good for their stomach. Anyway apple juice usually runs right through most people.
Good to hear things are working out. I got really tired reading about everything you are doing haha. Then again I had my turn raising seven children. Now it´s time to relax a little more haha. Have a great time getting ready for summer. I can see that you are like your dad needing to have every minute planned and occupied :)
Jamison looks Tongan somewhat and he must be a great joy having around. The grand children sound like a lot of fun. I wish I was there to play with them and doing crafts with them. Love from us all. Elder Toutai has a companion now Elder Jamison. Perhaps a different spelling.