Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Last Week, sick and Jamison update

We apologize for the lack of posts last week but this house was under the sickness. This was one of those horrible you don't know what to do sicknesses. Eva started last Sunday night with weezing and having a hard time breathing and then coughing from her lungs and screaming in pain. This was for two nights and then just coughing and non appetite. I kept thinking about going to the ER when she couldn't breath but I worried I would be waiting there for 4 hours without being seen by a doctor and then going to a room finally and waiting another 2 hours then being told its not serious go home and I didn't really want to do that because that would make her worse. We called our nurse hotline and were told to use cool mist humidifier and tylenol and and honey she was able to sleep a bit that first night. It wasn't working that well so we bought a warm mist humidifier and ding ding ding that is what they needed. Then ALexander got it and he was screaming out in pain a lot and I was up all night worried they were not breathing so yeah it was a HORRIBLE week. They finally got better on Sunday night. Their coughs were hardly there. We went to the doctor yesterday for wellness visits and Eva is fine so yeah. I came out the worst during this because I was exhausted and cabin fever but I am feeling happy now that Alexander went to school yesterday and Eva is happy again. Luckily Jamison didn't get it at all!! Daniel started to get it but with forced sleep gatorade and orange juice he was able to stop it early.

This was Eva when we put her back in her room (she was in our room on her mattress on the floor for 3 days) we put a portable dvd player on the chair for entertainment.

This was the first morning Alexander started to feel sick (wednesday) He was SOOO happy because Eva was getting special treatment for being sick and he kept saying he was sick when he wasn't (he finally got sick and jumped in our bed (literally) but he wasn't too happy when the full sickness came and he couldn't breath and it felt like his lungs were getting ripped to shreds.
Having two extremely sick kids and a 6 month old doesn't mix well with my ability to run back and forth. So in the mornings I would feed Jamison and stick him in my bed. Alexander loved having someone to talk to and Jamison loved being right next to Alexander. So I gave Jamison his blanky and he kept falling asleep (Jamison loves our bed and he LOVES LOVES LOVES his blanky, falling asleep not in his bed is NOT normal for him) Here are some shots of Jamison through the week.

He has learned to sit up without falling over much (hence the pillows behind him)
He has learned that his thumb is a LOVELY thing to stick in his mouth
He has learned he loves Daddy . He loves sitting in his lap, looking at him, playing with him and smiling at him.
Oh and Jamison is now 6 months old! He is a healthy boy (I mean he didn't even get sick through all that!!)

He weighs 19lbs 8 ounces 90% for weigh
He is 27 inches tall 75% for height
and his head is still more than the 95th%

He now fully fits the 12 month old clothes some have extra foot room but I can barely zip his pjs at the chest and some clothes are just too tight at the chest. I think he has a very broad and large chest and shoulders. He is as cute as ever, there is this little book thing on the exersaucer (Meleofa's that we still haven't returned... sorry Meleofa we promise to bring it out next time we are in Utah!!) he likes to flip through it and look at the pictures!! Anyway he is ready for stage 2 solids! so any tips on how to make those from home would be great. I have never been big on the baby food jars but I can't remember how to do stage 2 foods. I think I need a blender.

So yeah not a good week but it made me really appreciate the healthy times no matter how messy :)


Anonymous said...

This website has a lot of different ways to make homemade foods for babies.


MoBo said...

I was wondering what was going on, No BLOGS!!! hhaha Jamison is So Freakin Cute! who the heck does he look like? does he look like daniels family? I think If I squinted I could maybe see some of mammas brothers... I am glad you are all better! your blogs are great!

Mable said...

I'm so glad you guys are all better too. Poor Evan looks miserable. And I'm glad Jamison didn't get it. He is so stinking cute. I need to come down and visit you guys! Miss you!