Monday, June 30, 2008

Doctor's Appointment

Today was Eva's 2 week wellness appointment. Here are her stats:
Birth Now
7.4 lbs 7.14 lbs
18 inches 19.5 inches

Well those are pretty much it. We wont be able to do the whole percentile thing because the babies here are generally smaller so the results would not be accurate. That is what Eva's doctor said anyway. She is doing fine. She is sick like me (just a cold) but he said that is completely normal and that anything I catch she will catch too. Which means I have to watch my health (uh oh) but um I think that is all he said. He is a funny guy and explains everything in lamens terms. Oh and she had her first real bath last night. She screamed the entire time, I didn't take pictures because it was not that cute, just a bunch of screaming and a red baby screaming. She loves to wear her clothes hates diaper changes. Just the normal things. I think she is a little quicker than Alexander was already.
On another note we are thinking about Potty training Alexander soon. I will start the starting stuff next week or maybe after girls camp when things settle down to normal again. I went to Kmart to look at a potty and they are all pretty fancy. I think I want a plain one for him so he doesn't get too distracted by it. They even had singing potty which is rather strange to me he hasn't shown much interest in singing so far so I am not sure that would help him at all. Anyway so wish us luck and post any tips in the comments on potty training if you have any. My mother says he is showing all the signs. He goes around yelling about poop randomly when he does it and well probably for 10 minutes before he even does so we will get him a potty and not force him but teach him. Ok that is what is happening with the kids.
Daniel got ANOTHER calling and was not released from this one. Its District Executive secretary which wouldn't be bad but here is the bad thing, one of the branches is in Siapan so I hope he doesn't leave that much to go there. I have no help on Sunday mornings anymore so I will have to get up a bit earlier and try to get to church on time, I think he will be with me in church so that should be ok. Anway that is all for now, life is good.

Last Week

Last week we went and saw some things. We went to Pirates cove and they have a whole bunch of those wooden cut out stick you head in it things. The first picture is of my mother with Alexander. The Next picture is at the Hilton nature trail where Daniel works. We went to try to see some blue starfish from the little cliff but none were out that day. Then we trekked to Gun Beach on Saturday. It wasn't that much of a hike, but you see a lot on the little hike and its kind of steep in some places. Alexander was in a pack on Daniel's back so that is why he isn't in this picture. The last two pictures are on Eva in her new church dress that her Amma gave her (Amma means grandmother in Icelandic). We have been doing a lot and will probably slow it down. We are hoping to get a drive around the Island in before they go. Daniel works on the 4th so we can't do it that day but we will see. We will need to go see Yokoi cave ( I am sure I spelled that wrong) Thats the cave where the Japanese Soldier lived for 30 years after WWII because he didn't want to get caught and tortured. Then we still need to go and see the Magellan site. He stopped here on his last trip. After Guam he went to Fiji where he was killed. So we have been having fun but taking breaks everyday in between.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Things that go "Bump" in the night.

So we had 2 visitors the other night, a couple of toads. We thought the first one was big then we met his older bigger brother. He was the biggest toad I have ever seen. In one of the pictures I am holding a toad shaped sprinkler, the second toad was just as big as it. You can kind of see that in one of the pictures where I put the fake toad next to the real one. I found the first one, it was just on the driveway, then miriam found the second one it was snooping around our washing machine. Enjoy!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Eva in her church dress and the rain

Here are some pictures of Eva in her dress, her first trip to church. THere are some with Daniel and Alexander with her. Daniel chose the dress for her and I think he did a good job. She is still so small she hardly fits anything yet. The last picture is of Alexander in his gum boots in the rain today. He loves the rain and it is still raining but I made him come inside.


Ritidian beach last saturday

We were just having a relaxing day at the beach. Daniel and Lete tried to see some fish while snorkeling. I think they succeeded this time. This is a very relaxing beach with many hermit and spider crabs. It is a really fun beach to lounge on, just ask Lete. Oh and the one picture of Alexander is him in my Dolce sun glasses. Eva is obviously in a bunch of the pictures she slept the whole time which is what she still does all day.

Our Day in Agana

We went out sight seeing, at Chamorro village, the latte stone park and the marina. We took some pictures. This was somewhat of a historical look at Guam. The big stones on top of others are ancient stones from the chief houses in Guam from before the Spanish even got here. Just some pictures for you to enjoy.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our first day at the Beach with Hera, Lete and Eva

Yep this was our first time at the beach. Alot of fun but the water was much more murky than we have ever seen it.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Friday, June 13, 2008

Eva is here

Eva finally came, exactly 2 years and 4 months after Alexander. Once she decided to come though there was no stopping her, she came so fast Miriam did not have time for an epideral. We figure it was about 2 hours of labor and only about 10 minutes of pushing. Miriam was amazing. I will edit this blog later, or maybe write a new one, but for now I am just going to upload some pictures. A few comments though, from what we can tell the baby we gave the Icelandic name to (Eva Sunna Reeves, phoenetically E~va soon~a)is the one that looks tongan, from the nose, to the hair, and the long feet. Also her birthdate as nice and has forced any future Reeves children to be induced on the 12th of whatever month they are going to be born in. Because as it is right now I don't have to remeber dates just the months for my kids (and them for me), because they were both born on the 12th, Eva in June and Alexander in February.