Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy anniversary

Its our anniversary today. The 4th to be exact. We don't usually do anything because we have always had children on them. We will see what we do tonight. I personally want to rent bridal wars. Daniel says our anniversary is my day so I get to choose. I am so horrible. I can never remember the date. I was just looking in my photos to post a wedding one and I have them all organized so I was looking in the April 2005 folder and I actually put April 31st. Not only do I not know what day I was married I don't seem to know that April 31st does not exist.

Here is our first date back in 2002. A Brewers game.

A picture from our wedding day.

We were actually going to take the kids and go the isotopes game. We still might but Eva is the deciding factor there.

I must say it feels like WAY longer than 4 years. Maybe because we have 2 children.

Eva's Favorite New Pasttime

Eva is in this position at least 70% of the day.

I think she likes it because she can see everything upside down and its a new sensation. Or maybe she just likes the head rush. She loves learning all the things she can do. She will dance around in celebration when she learns something new. The whole standing up thing is driving me crazy because it is stopping her naps. She will lay down. I close the door. 5-10 minutes later I hear screaming from her room. She is all flustered and red because she is standing up and doesn't know how to get back down.

She is scared she is going to fall. I say fall and be done with it, go to sleep.

Bubba still loves his cars and making them crash. He watches sesame street every morning and loves it.

Eva loves his cars too.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Park

We went to the park yesterday. It was a really nice park and Alexander loved it. They have two separate playgrounds. One for 2-5 and the other for 5-12. Alexander went straight to the 2-5 went down the slide and then ran over to the 5-12 and just played there. Daniel watched him closely the whole time so I was ok with it but the slides were really steep

and at one point he tried to go off one of those climb down only dangerous things. I can't believe how tall this playground was and I kept wondering how these playground makers kept from being sued or the city because I am sure a lot of children get hurt on them. Kind of like how your home owners insurance is higher if you have a trampoline.

Eva sat with me on the mat on the grass most of the time and just ate whatever she could find.
She ended up eating a bunch of Alexander's fries because he showed no interest.

The slides were so tall that every time he went down them he flew off and fell on him butt. He liked it though so he kept doing it.

Daniel had a lot of fun with the children. He even took Eva down with him on the slide and she
LOVED that.

It was a fun evening at the park.

We even took our dinner there and brought some pop corn. There were many kids there playing and the most astonishing things about this park was the low in the ground FOOTBALL FIELD. It was at least the size of a high school football field. There are no schools near this park but Daniel said its just how planned communities are being made now. We went to the park by our chapel. Most of our Ward lives in this community but that football field really shocked me because I didn't even see it until we were leaving. It was on the other side of the little parking lot in the ground. I felt like I was in the bleachers looking down. I tried to take a panoramic of it but it only shows up as a tiny picture on blogger. Oh well you can sort of get the idea of what it looked like.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Leaving the toilet seat up

I have never minded the whole male leaving the toilet seat up phenomenon. I just put it back down whenever I see it up. Well today I DID mind. It was not for my sake but for Alexander's. We have two bathrooms in our house. One for the master and one for the Hall. I have marked the hall bathroom as Alexander's and Eva's. In fact I still haven't even put a shower curtain up because I just use that bathroom for their baths. Well Alexander is usually the only one that uses the toilet in there too. He is getting really good at using the toilet. He doesn't even need me to help him now. He just runs in there puts his toilet seat on the toilet seat and does this strange maneuver where he climbs up onto the bath tub and sits on the toilet backwards and then stealthily (sarcasm) turns himself back around somehow to sit on the toilet the right way. I didn't even know he was in there this morning but all of the sudden I hear him screaming in the bathroom. I run in there and he is IN THE TOILET. His toilet seat was also in the toilet .(partially) Daniel has started using the hall toilet recently and he left the toilet seat up. Well Alexander is still pretty young so he ran in there not realizing the toilet seat could actually be up threw his toilet seat into the toilet and went to sit on it and fell in.

I was laughing inside but I rescued him and calmed him down. All day long now he dances around yelling toilet instead of going to the toilet. He is now scared of the toilet and will only go if I go inspect it first and help him on. Talk about digression. Now I am officially on the "Leaving the toilet seat up is annoying" band wagon.

Maybe I will get one of these so Alexander can be trained early on.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Project, Post 100

So this is our 100th post. I have been blogging probably just a month over a year so that's what one every 4 days average. Not bad.

There was a real point to this blog. I did a small project. I was all projected out but then I found this great little table that I thought would be perfect as a TV stand. I found it at good will for $12 I loved it straight away even though I thought the price was kind of high for its condition and purpose. I am a total cheapo now and my idea of good prices is completely skewed because of my coupon use. Oh well. Anyway this is what it looked like when I bought it

but way dirtier and with a ton of nail polish on it. Then I primed it. I have to say I am getting quick at priming but I still hate it.

Then I went to Home Depot on this lovely Earth Day with the kids and they almost killed me when it came to my sanity but we got out of there with my red and then I painted it red tonight to relieve some stress from the day.

I really like it a lot. I was joking when I told Daniel I would paint it red. I was originally going to paint it white but we figured we needed to be bold and if we hated it we could just repaint it. This is the end result. I really like it. It makes me think its plastic looking. But I love the shape and details in the little table. It also reminds me of those awesome chandeliers that the designers paint one full color. I love that style. Now I have hot colors in the living room though. What to do now. I actually wanted a red couch. Maybe I won't need one now

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Poor Bubba

This post is a Daniel Post. I took these pictures for the sole purpose of showing them to Alexanders future girlfriend/fiancee/wife. I love being a dad, great fun. Bubba is doing well at potty training but only seems to want to wear his undies. So he has whitey tighty's on, an old jamma shirt that is 2 sizes too small and shoes so he could go outside. Enjoy

I can't believe its almost May!

Alexander's toilet seat

Time has really been flying for us! I just can't believe how quickly it goes. Eva and Alexander seem to be growing so quickly. Alexander goes to the bathroom on his own now. So exciting for me. He also helps himself to the candy jar for going to the bathroom and takes more than the regular two skittles. Oh well he is going to the bathroom.

Eva and Alexander fight over food a lot now. She takes it and throws it all over the floor so she can eat it and he gets upset because his food is all over the floor. Alexander had spaghetti for lunch the other day and dropped quite a bit on the floor so she just sat under him and at it. I don't know why this doesn't register for me until after the fact but she downed a lot of spaghetti. She also ate way too many jelly beans from Easter. I didn't understand why she was just sitting in the corner by the kitchen table the other day. I was sitting at the table doing bills and coupons for about a half an hour and she was across from me but on the floor. I couldn't figure out why she was sitting there and being so good. I kept looking over and she would just smile at me. Then I realized that Alexander was dumping jelly beans all over the place in the morning and I forgot to pick them ALL up. I thought I got most of them and he did too. No she had red and blue all over her face and there was not a single jelly bean on the floor. At least I have a great vacuum cleaner. They are fun and make me laugh all the time.

I can't believe how laid back I am with Eva. I never let Alexander eat candy or anything until he was one and then it was still hardly any. She is only 10 months old and has had jelly beans.
Oh and the other day she had red all over her face again and I cleaned her up and put her down for a nap. Then I went to vacuum the carpet and found white skittles all over the floor. I don't buy white skittles, this is the result after Eva gets them. I don't know if Alexander is accidentally leaving them all over the place or if he is actually giving them to her when he is feeling extra nice. Little ones are an adventure.

Eva now can climb up a bit with her hands. She can get up a bit on the the t.v stand and she is so proud of herself she just sits there and dances. She is testing everything now. Its so fun to see her learn a new thing and be proud of herself.

Alexander has started to recognize letters. He asks me to write certain letters on his chalk board. Usually he asks for d t and c. He also likes to try to write them in the dirt in the garden. While he is learning and getting better at letters he is digressing when it comes to drinking. Eva has started to use a water bottle and sometimes diluted apple juice. Whenever there is any liquid in there Alexander sneaks it away and drinks it all. I just don't get that.

That's how Alexander and Eva are doing this week. Sorry the camera is out of batteries and I haven't picked any up yet.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Alexander and Eva

Lately these two really love playing with each other. Alexander usually cries when its time for Eva's nap because he wants her to stay and play. They fight with each other too. Alexander used Eva as a stepping stool to get up on the couch yesterday. Eva has learned to push people away so whenever she gets mad at Alexander she pushes him away.
Eva loves to eat. She will eat anything in site. If Alexander is having a snack she will follow him around until he is done with it and then take the left overs. She has already eaten some mac and cheese because of this technique. I try to keep things away from her but she is pretty quick. She rolls around all day long after Alexander trying to catch up with him. I have found her outside in the back yard somehow. She rolls out the door. They both love to be outside. Alexander is constantly asking to go outside. When I say yes he says "I wanna pay with Eva".I tell him put shoes on and he either finds them or follows me around saying "shoe" until I find them for him.

Eva usually just sits on the mat and enjoys the sunshine. She LOVES the wind. whenever she is out there her tongue is sticking out because she loves to feel the wind on her tongue. Two days ago it was really windy and they were playing outside. The little seeds in the trees started to float down and looked like snow. They were out there screaming so I run out to see whats wrong and they are screaming in the good way. They were so giddy from the wind and the seeds falling. Eva had her eyes closed and her tongue out because it was so windy. When I said enough was enough and brought them in they both wined for awhile but I wouldn't give in, it was 45mph winds (I later looked it up). They really enjoy each other and I am really glad they have each other.

That's Alexander and Eva for you lately.

These pictures are from Monday night when we decided to have dinner outside on the mate Tongan style

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Easter was very fun. I taught my new co taught primary class for the first time. They are 4 going on 5. It was fun actually. They said Easter bunny and candy and eggs a lot but they also answered with the correct answers too. I asked them what Easter was about and 2 said Jesus. I asked why do we celebrate Easter and they said "because of the resurrection" I don't know that they know exactly what that is but they obviously have good parents teaching them at home. A smart little bunch.

We did ham and funeral potatoes (thanks Meleofa) for dinner and it was delicious. We also made cheese cake the night before because we like to make cheesecake for the holidays.

We had quite a few eggs. I didn't realize how many I had bought. I got some for my class too so I guess I thought I needed a lot more or something. Eva got all the pink eggs and they were filled with toddler treats and she was actually opening them herself.

It was actually cold and stormy all weekend. Luckily it was nice and warm yesterday, no wind at all. Last year we painted eggs for Easter but I ended up painting almost all of them and so I didn't want to do that again this year so we didn't. Maybe when the kids are older and would like to do it.

We had a video of Alexander collecting eggs but it won't upload so I quit trying.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Design a Bag for smiths

So I stumbled upon a site yesterday that said I could design a reusable bag for Kroger stores (mine is smiths) and for doing so I got a free reusable bag from smiths. Ever since Guam I LOVE reusable bags. Less grocery bags stuffed under the kitchen sink and a good feeling that I am doing a little for the environment. Plus they are super sturdy. Anyway so now you can go vote for my bag. You don't have to but you should go sign in (create a free smiths account) attach your fresh values card to it and then design away. Its actually kind of fun (all the stuff is there on the site to design. It took me 5 minutes) and they load a free reusable bag onto your account so you just pick one up the next time you are at smiths and swipe your card and they take the .99 cents that it cost off your card. Anyway go vote for my bag and if you design one I will vote for yours! Go HERE

Have fun!