Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Park

We went to the park yesterday. It was a really nice park and Alexander loved it. They have two separate playgrounds. One for 2-5 and the other for 5-12. Alexander went straight to the 2-5 went down the slide and then ran over to the 5-12 and just played there. Daniel watched him closely the whole time so I was ok with it but the slides were really steep

and at one point he tried to go off one of those climb down only dangerous things. I can't believe how tall this playground was and I kept wondering how these playground makers kept from being sued or the city because I am sure a lot of children get hurt on them. Kind of like how your home owners insurance is higher if you have a trampoline.

Eva sat with me on the mat on the grass most of the time and just ate whatever she could find.
She ended up eating a bunch of Alexander's fries because he showed no interest.

The slides were so tall that every time he went down them he flew off and fell on him butt. He liked it though so he kept doing it.

Daniel had a lot of fun with the children. He even took Eva down with him on the slide and she
LOVED that.

It was a fun evening at the park.

We even took our dinner there and brought some pop corn. There were many kids there playing and the most astonishing things about this park was the low in the ground FOOTBALL FIELD. It was at least the size of a high school football field. There are no schools near this park but Daniel said its just how planned communities are being made now. We went to the park by our chapel. Most of our Ward lives in this community but that football field really shocked me because I didn't even see it until we were leaving. It was on the other side of the little parking lot in the ground. I felt like I was in the bleachers looking down. I tried to take a panoramic of it but it only shows up as a tiny picture on blogger. Oh well you can sort of get the idea of what it looked like.

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Sarah said...

Looks like an awesome night in the park. Those kind of evenings are the best!