Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I can't believe its almost May!

Alexander's toilet seat

Time has really been flying for us! I just can't believe how quickly it goes. Eva and Alexander seem to be growing so quickly. Alexander goes to the bathroom on his own now. So exciting for me. He also helps himself to the candy jar for going to the bathroom and takes more than the regular two skittles. Oh well he is going to the bathroom.

Eva and Alexander fight over food a lot now. She takes it and throws it all over the floor so she can eat it and he gets upset because his food is all over the floor. Alexander had spaghetti for lunch the other day and dropped quite a bit on the floor so she just sat under him and at it. I don't know why this doesn't register for me until after the fact but she downed a lot of spaghetti. She also ate way too many jelly beans from Easter. I didn't understand why she was just sitting in the corner by the kitchen table the other day. I was sitting at the table doing bills and coupons for about a half an hour and she was across from me but on the floor. I couldn't figure out why she was sitting there and being so good. I kept looking over and she would just smile at me. Then I realized that Alexander was dumping jelly beans all over the place in the morning and I forgot to pick them ALL up. I thought I got most of them and he did too. No she had red and blue all over her face and there was not a single jelly bean on the floor. At least I have a great vacuum cleaner. They are fun and make me laugh all the time.

I can't believe how laid back I am with Eva. I never let Alexander eat candy or anything until he was one and then it was still hardly any. She is only 10 months old and has had jelly beans.
Oh and the other day she had red all over her face again and I cleaned her up and put her down for a nap. Then I went to vacuum the carpet and found white skittles all over the floor. I don't buy white skittles, this is the result after Eva gets them. I don't know if Alexander is accidentally leaving them all over the place or if he is actually giving them to her when he is feeling extra nice. Little ones are an adventure.

Eva now can climb up a bit with her hands. She can get up a bit on the the t.v stand and she is so proud of herself she just sits there and dances. She is testing everything now. Its so fun to see her learn a new thing and be proud of herself.

Alexander has started to recognize letters. He asks me to write certain letters on his chalk board. Usually he asks for d t and c. He also likes to try to write them in the dirt in the garden. While he is learning and getting better at letters he is digressing when it comes to drinking. Eva has started to use a water bottle and sometimes diluted apple juice. Whenever there is any liquid in there Alexander sneaks it away and drinks it all. I just don't get that.

That's how Alexander and Eva are doing this week. Sorry the camera is out of batteries and I haven't picked any up yet.

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MoBo said...

lol these stories are too hilarious, and yet stilll true hahahahha funny