Thursday, April 16, 2009

Alexander and Eva

Lately these two really love playing with each other. Alexander usually cries when its time for Eva's nap because he wants her to stay and play. They fight with each other too. Alexander used Eva as a stepping stool to get up on the couch yesterday. Eva has learned to push people away so whenever she gets mad at Alexander she pushes him away.
Eva loves to eat. She will eat anything in site. If Alexander is having a snack she will follow him around until he is done with it and then take the left overs. She has already eaten some mac and cheese because of this technique. I try to keep things away from her but she is pretty quick. She rolls around all day long after Alexander trying to catch up with him. I have found her outside in the back yard somehow. She rolls out the door. They both love to be outside. Alexander is constantly asking to go outside. When I say yes he says "I wanna pay with Eva".I tell him put shoes on and he either finds them or follows me around saying "shoe" until I find them for him.

Eva usually just sits on the mat and enjoys the sunshine. She LOVES the wind. whenever she is out there her tongue is sticking out because she loves to feel the wind on her tongue. Two days ago it was really windy and they were playing outside. The little seeds in the trees started to float down and looked like snow. They were out there screaming so I run out to see whats wrong and they are screaming in the good way. They were so giddy from the wind and the seeds falling. Eva had her eyes closed and her tongue out because it was so windy. When I said enough was enough and brought them in they both wined for awhile but I wouldn't give in, it was 45mph winds (I later looked it up). They really enjoy each other and I am really glad they have each other.

That's Alexander and Eva for you lately.

These pictures are from Monday night when we decided to have dinner outside on the mate Tongan style

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MoBo said...

lol Noice, thats the best way to eat haHaha. They(alexander and Eva) sound So funny! I am super excited about coming to NM I can babysit and stuff! it'll be totally awesome. hahaha your description of Eva is Very funny teehee rolling around hahaha children are Quite mysterious when it comes to being places they shouldnt be haha