Monday, August 27, 2012


So here is a post 100 years later. The Kids and I went to Canada for 2 weeks in August and it was so great. It was my first time going "home" since I moved out back in 2004. How crazy anyway it was a wonderful experience. We got to meet and spend time with Eypor and Maliana and we got to see Mamma and Dad and Melanie and Lete and then Henry came off his mission and we got to spend time with him too. It has been the fastest and best summer. The Kids to to see all their Reeves relatives at the Reeves Reunion and then they got to see almost all of my family! (We didn't see Melisa, Willie, Tuimana, Victoria, Aiden and Arianna) We got to see Meleofa and Dustin and Miaya and Sarah but only for tiny bits. It was great though. My kids got to get to know their Amma and Afi on their own turf. They had so much fun with them. Eva still tells me she wants to go back. But now its onto real life again. I didn't have my camera charger for most of the summer and my computer was on the fritz so I didn't really get on the computer much. Enjoy some Photos.

Here are Amma and Afi they were wonderful hosts.

 Everyone talked about Peters and Calgary so we went there. 
Mine tasted like medicine and mint because I chose badly.
 It was Maliana's Birthday that day!!

This was the day we went up to Drumheller to see the dinosaur museum. 
It was awesome! My first dinosaur museum ever (not including the one on BYU Campus) 
We ate on the mat at a park. It was a great day.

Then Elder Toutai came home and became Henry again. 
We went to get him from the airport!!

The next day we celebrated all the August birthdays. 
We started with some pizza dinner on the Mat.

Then we got some kites and flew them! They were so fun. 
Who knew how fun kite flying was!!!

Afi with the grandkids

Eva got to hold the string

 So did Alexander. 
They really loved it so I hope to be able to do it here,
 we have so much wind I hope it works.
Then Eva insisted we play toilet tag. Which is freeze tag. 
So we did. It was like we were little kids again.

Then we had candles and cake. Everyone got their own cake. It was yummy.

Then we had an umu/ Tongan eating for Henry's home coming Yes that is a roasted pig.

Here they are pretending to help :)

Oh here is a picture of Afi on the swings.

 Here I am looking fantastic with Eva viewing the city. It was a big city.

 Here are Jamison and Henry.

 Melanie took us to see the downtown of the city. 
I haven't been in a real city in a LONG time. 

Here we are in front of the Cardston Temple and then .

Alexander and Jamison on the slide at Amma's house

It was a wonderful trip. I am so glad we went up to Canada.