Monday, August 29, 2011

Cake is GOOD

Jamison enjoyed himself on his birthday

A funny side note. Daniel and I were discussing who was supposed to clean what. I bathed Jamison and then he said we agreed to clean the mess together. Then we watched this video and he said he would clean the mess and I would clean Jamison. I laughed and laughed and then I cleaned the mess :)


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Jamison

This little guy is one today! We are so happy about it. One means a new carseat so he can see. Milk in a sippy cup and the ability to travel a lot better because sitting up and drinking milk from your cup means happiness. We are having cake and a pirate party with the kids (after church that is) So happy birthday Jamison! Here are some pictures of him right before he turned one (last night)

As you can see Eva threw the ball at his neck

He is now doing the look under your legs because things look awesome upside down thing

Eating dirt
Here he is this morning, eating blocks

And with his blanket. I will post pictures with cake later.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

A birthday weekend

Its my mother's birthday today!! How exciting. She is a great mother and we love her very much and can't wait to see her next! And tomorrow is Jamison's birthday! and then next week is my birthday! Lots of birthdays close together. So that means my mother was pregnant with me waiting for me to come out and I had just had Jamison when my birthday came around. I was kind of in the same boat as her. How fun to be able to experience a similar experience and become more grateful for my mother for what she was experiencing when I was born. I am very grateful for her and I really applaud her for all that she did!

I love you mamma!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Alexander is growing up

The other night we had roasted chicken for dinner. I put some on Alexander's plate and he kept saying how much he didn't like chicken. Daniel told him that if he ate everything off his plate that he could have some cookies. He told him if anything was left on the plate no cookies. So Alexander sat there and ate and ate and ate. At one point he was eating some chicken and he started to gag really badly and almost threw up. I stuck my hand out and told him to spit it out but he kept nodding no and forced it down. This happened again and again with every piece of chicken. I couldn't understand why he wouldn't just spit it out. Then I realized he thought if he would spit it out he wouldn't get any cookies. He is really toughening up! He has a really bad gag reflex ever since he was little so I really feel bad about it. He really doesn't like chicken. I have started to not like it either. Poor kid. He will gobble up chicken nuggets though.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mini photo shoot

The other day Daniel and I cleaned out his new office and tried to put some pictures on the walls. We did it for our date night (we have date nights now and they are FANTASTIC!) Anyway I love to organize and throw things away so it was a good time. Well all the photos I had didn't have Jamison in them! Thats how long ago I framed photos! When the kids woke up this morning I threw them into some colorful clothes and threw them outside and we took some photos. I wanted to share them with you so enjoy!

There were obviously way more but there you go! Having Alexander in school is SOOO great! He loves it. In fact last night when we were reading and saying prayers Alexander asked if he was going to school tomorrow (Saturday) and we said "no its a day off" and he started crying and was rather distraught. So we know he loves it. I love it too. Now for the in school projects and accomplishments! Today Daniel hung a fan and hung a bamboo shade on our bedroom door (the one that goes out to the patio) I made a deal with him yesterday. If he would hang the fan (which has been sitting in our bedroom since may) I would finish the cedar chest

this coming week (meaning finish stripping, sanding, painting, staining and polyurethaning the cedar chest I bought back in may!!!!) So now I have to do it and hopefully that will make me project productive. I am feeling inspired! Oh my GOODNESS I just looked and I bought the chest on March 29th!! AHHH That means it has taken me longer that the hutch to finish!!!


Monday, August 15, 2011

School is here

School started today. No tears here not even from Eva. She is the saddest in all of this and we feel bad for her but she will get a lot more time for herself now. Here are some photos from this morning:

Before we left for school
Alexander and Eva
His new back pack and water bottle
(daniel wanted llbean but I wasn't on the ball so next year :) )

playing on the kindergarten playground before school

Saying bye

his new desk areaenough with the pictures already
fine one last one
Eva wanted to take this one.

I saw a friend at the school and she asked me how I was and if I had been crying (Alexander being the first child and all) and I said nope I am in the celebrating boat. I think its because I LOVED school when I was little. I loved every minute of it until my 3rd grade teacher and then 4th grade and on I love it again up until I graduated college. I hope Alexander loves it too. He LOVED shining stars so i think he will be fine. Daniel tells me he hated school. I guess that is why we are in different boats about it. Anyway HORRAY for school. And he teacher looks like a great one again this year. Lots of order.

We are so excited!



Jamison is going to turn one in two weeks. He hasn't seen many of our families but he is a joy to have around. Here he is.He has changed so much in the last few months.

This little guy loves to smile and laugh. He will eat anything you give him. If he sees your mouth moving or movement in the kitchen he will chase you around until you give him some food. He loves to play with Alexander and Eva and they are often too rough with him. He in turn is rough back. I hope this doesn't last for too long. He loves to snuggle. Much more than Alexander or Eva. He has started using a sippy cup with water. We started him on a regular cup and he can do both as long as you hold it for him. He is a big boy but he still loves to be held A LOT. He is already filled with his own personality and we all love him. Here are some more photos.

This is what he does when the kids are out playing. He can only go outside when I am with him because he loves to eat sand and rocks.

He likes to carry the wii remote around. I really don't know why because if he sees it he will crawl as fast as he can pick it up and then drag it around
His face here is funny its a new expression to me

Here he is whining for me to pick him up he just ate spaghetti.

He is learning to climb up the stairs. I don't like this part of babyhood but it has to happen. He used to climb and cry all the way up because he was scared. Here is an example:

It was funny because he would just cry and cry and keep climbing.
Then he realized he couldn't get off the bottom step all by himself so he started crying because he was scared:

He makes me laugh all day long, until dinner time because then he stands up hanging onto my legs while I am trying to make dinner.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

im posting

SOOO the summer is almost officially over, well at least in my book. Alexander starts kindergarten on Monday! We have his backpack and clothes and shoes and we are SET! He is pretty excited about it. I think he is ready to not be at home all day. It is Saturday and we decided to go early and watch while Daniel was a newbie on a balloon crew. It was cool to see and we enjoyed ourselves. Before they got started though there was a rattle snake! The first one I have seen in the wild and so close.

Just a baby but it was pretty well camouflaged so it was lucky we saw it before we were standing on it. They let it go a couple hundred feet away from us. They told us they haven't seen a rattle snake on their ballooning adventures until today! and they have been doing it since 2000!
Daniel got a picture of it. I didn't get very close because well its a rattle snack. Here are some pictures of the morning.

I love that there is a balloon culture here. Its pretty amazing and today we learned many things we didn't know about. Daniel wants to go with them now and try to crew more, sounds like a great hobby to me.

Its been about a month since I have posted. There just isn't time in the day. But I am really looking forward to the new schedule that is coming up! Oh and I put Eva into a dance class and she loves it so far! I bought her a tutu today and she put it straight on and wanted to wear it to bed (I said no) So she will now have something to look forward to and not just be envious of Alexander going off to school.

I am sure I will be posting more now that the summer is over. YAY! SUMMER IS OVER! In a couple of months we will be moving onto wearing more clothes and feeling cold. Sounds good to me. See you later.