Monday, August 15, 2011


Jamison is going to turn one in two weeks. He hasn't seen many of our families but he is a joy to have around. Here he is.He has changed so much in the last few months.

This little guy loves to smile and laugh. He will eat anything you give him. If he sees your mouth moving or movement in the kitchen he will chase you around until you give him some food. He loves to play with Alexander and Eva and they are often too rough with him. He in turn is rough back. I hope this doesn't last for too long. He loves to snuggle. Much more than Alexander or Eva. He has started using a sippy cup with water. We started him on a regular cup and he can do both as long as you hold it for him. He is a big boy but he still loves to be held A LOT. He is already filled with his own personality and we all love him. Here are some more photos.

This is what he does when the kids are out playing. He can only go outside when I am with him because he loves to eat sand and rocks.

He likes to carry the wii remote around. I really don't know why because if he sees it he will crawl as fast as he can pick it up and then drag it around
His face here is funny its a new expression to me

Here he is whining for me to pick him up he just ate spaghetti.

He is learning to climb up the stairs. I don't like this part of babyhood but it has to happen. He used to climb and cry all the way up because he was scared. Here is an example:

It was funny because he would just cry and cry and keep climbing.
Then he realized he couldn't get off the bottom step all by himself so he started crying because he was scared:

He makes me laugh all day long, until dinner time because then he stands up hanging onto my legs while I am trying to make dinner.


Allison said...

He is so cute! And he looks so chunky - my favorite kind of baby!
Also, nice belly shot in the video, Daniel.

MoBo said...

hahahahahahh thats awesome. What a Great Kid! so cute! hahahah omo, daniels belly hahahaha

Jamison is so Cute!

Hera said...

He is a laugh and a half. He is a lot of fun. The children all grow up so we enjoy every moment.