Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Jamison

This little guy is one today! We are so happy about it. One means a new carseat so he can see. Milk in a sippy cup and the ability to travel a lot better because sitting up and drinking milk from your cup means happiness. We are having cake and a pirate party with the kids (after church that is) So happy birthday Jamison! Here are some pictures of him right before he turned one (last night)

As you can see Eva threw the ball at his neck

He is now doing the look under your legs because things look awesome upside down thing

Eating dirt
Here he is this morning, eating blocks

And with his blanket. I will post pictures with cake later.



Suzanne said...

I honestly cannot believe it has been ONE whole year! Crazy, where does the time go?! He is such a cute little boy, I love that last picture of him smiling. :) I love it when they go forward facing, I am sure he and YOU will love it too!

Hera said...

Krúsídúlla. Happy birthday Jamison. We are sure looking forward to see you. Hugs and kisses from amma and afi and Matelita.