Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mini photo shoot

The other day Daniel and I cleaned out his new office and tried to put some pictures on the walls. We did it for our date night (we have date nights now and they are FANTASTIC!) Anyway I love to organize and throw things away so it was a good time. Well all the photos I had didn't have Jamison in them! Thats how long ago I framed photos! When the kids woke up this morning I threw them into some colorful clothes and threw them outside and we took some photos. I wanted to share them with you so enjoy!

There were obviously way more but there you go! Having Alexander in school is SOOO great! He loves it. In fact last night when we were reading and saying prayers Alexander asked if he was going to school tomorrow (Saturday) and we said "no its a day off" and he started crying and was rather distraught. So we know he loves it. I love it too. Now for the in school projects and accomplishments! Today Daniel hung a fan and hung a bamboo shade on our bedroom door (the one that goes out to the patio) I made a deal with him yesterday. If he would hang the fan (which has been sitting in our bedroom since may) I would finish the cedar chest

this coming week (meaning finish stripping, sanding, painting, staining and polyurethaning the cedar chest I bought back in may!!!!) So now I have to do it and hopefully that will make me project productive. I am feeling inspired! Oh my GOODNESS I just looked and I bought the chest on March 29th!! AHHH That means it has taken me longer that the hutch to finish!!!



meleofa said...

My niece and nephews are so cute!! ho ho ho. I love the one where they are all looking at the camera at the same time. So adorable. :D

Hera said...

Þau eru svaka krútt. Are those postage stamps pictures on the cedar chest? I really like it. Being a daughter and grandaughter of sailors I love wooden chests.

Suzie said...

Your kids are so cute! Great rocking chair too!

Matt and Suzanne said...

What cute pictures of your kiddos! I love the byu football.:) Can't WAIT to see that chest when you are all done with it, you always do such a fabulous job!

Hera said...

I just realized something. Eva in the photo by herself looks like Kira did at that age. Kira is so beautiful and jolly.