Saturday, August 13, 2011

im posting

SOOO the summer is almost officially over, well at least in my book. Alexander starts kindergarten on Monday! We have his backpack and clothes and shoes and we are SET! He is pretty excited about it. I think he is ready to not be at home all day. It is Saturday and we decided to go early and watch while Daniel was a newbie on a balloon crew. It was cool to see and we enjoyed ourselves. Before they got started though there was a rattle snake! The first one I have seen in the wild and so close.

Just a baby but it was pretty well camouflaged so it was lucky we saw it before we were standing on it. They let it go a couple hundred feet away from us. They told us they haven't seen a rattle snake on their ballooning adventures until today! and they have been doing it since 2000!
Daniel got a picture of it. I didn't get very close because well its a rattle snack. Here are some pictures of the morning.

I love that there is a balloon culture here. Its pretty amazing and today we learned many things we didn't know about. Daniel wants to go with them now and try to crew more, sounds like a great hobby to me.

Its been about a month since I have posted. There just isn't time in the day. But I am really looking forward to the new schedule that is coming up! Oh and I put Eva into a dance class and she loves it so far! I bought her a tutu today and she put it straight on and wanted to wear it to bed (I said no) So she will now have something to look forward to and not just be envious of Alexander going off to school.

I am sure I will be posting more now that the summer is over. YAY! SUMMER IS OVER! In a couple of months we will be moving onto wearing more clothes and feeling cold. Sounds good to me. See you later.



MoBo said...

It certainly has been many times since your last post! keke

That does sound like a Great hobby! what time of year do they doos that? I am going to be dragging a lot of ICelanders on a road trip next year, YA TIL?!?!? can we camp in your yard? hehehe

MiriamR said...

They do that year round. But the Balloon Fiesta, when there are thousands of balloons, is the first 2 weekends in October. From now until october though balloons go every weekend, there was 35 or so balloons for this one. And you are always welcome to stay with us.

Hera said...

Lovely photos. Beautiful children. If I went up in a balloon I would probably sit on the floor. I do think it´s worth the try. Mildura used to have balloon festivals.