Sunday, July 17, 2011

Have you noticed

That I haven't been posting at all lately? This summer seems to have made me busier than ever in the everyday life. Just taking care of kids and cleaning keeps me busy all day. Anyway here is a little update. Umm I can't remember.

However I do have some photos I took today and yesterday. Here are Jamison and Eva in their church clothes:

Jamison is wearing his new tie

Then Eva got a new dress. It has three layers of organza and a little petty coat underneath

I just loved it. New yesterday. Then when she got home from church it had this huge rip in the organza which can't be fixed. This is why I generally don't get nice things for little people. Oh well though she has plenty other dresses (the luck of being an only girl)

On to brighter funnier things. Jamison is 10 Months old. He is cute. I like him a lot. Today after church I put him in the high chair and threw him a nectarin. Now I used to do this with Alexander and Eva when they were little and they would put bite marks in it and thats it. I was wandering around the kitchen doing things and just glancing over. It looked to me like he was just putting bit marks in.
Then it was gone so I figured he dropped it on the ground. I looked around the floor and found this:
He at the WHOLE thing, then I gave him another and he ate it all too! At least its fruit and not fruit loops. Then he needed a new shirt and I grabbed one of Eva's shirts that she wears to bed to put on him IT FITS!:
I couldn't believe it! Then I took the shirt off and put it on Eva (same day same 10 minutes) And here it is:

He is a big growing boy who eats two nectarins in one sitting and now he fits his sisters shirts!! I was laughing a lot when I saw that. It made my day. Oh and these made my day too:

I got them yesterday and I love them. Blue velvet with ruffles! I just measured and they are 5 inch heels!! However the front are tall too so they were ok to walk in.

Thats all for now, I have to get back to the kids and husband and all that.



Maliana said...

oh my gosh!! those are beautiful!! and the kids too hahhahaha im just kidding, jamison is such a cute thing! and its awesome that he loves fruit! i LOVE this post

Hera said...

When you were little a lot of people enjoyed feeding you because you ate everything. History is repeating itself. Wonderful children.

MoBo said...

hahaha thats hilarious! what astrapping young lad! hehe so Awesome! those shoes are pretty gorge too!